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There are green rectangles that represent Samsung Semiconductor's eco-friendly chips.

Upholding responsible
supply chain standards throughout the supply chain

Meeting stringent standards
through open communication

A responsible the
supply chain is a basis
for a safe and sustainable future

A responsible
supply chain
is a basis for a
and sustainable

Fairness, openness and win-win. These are Samsung’s three values that inform how we manage our supply chain, one that is currently made up of some 2,200 partners around the globe. These values drive us as we strive for mutual growth with our partners through fair evaluations and open communication.

Keeping our partners safe and the
supply ecosystem healthy with a
responsible supply chain

Headquartered in South Korea, Samsung is a global company with offices around the world. And because we believe a safe and healthy work environment is the starting point for a safe and healthy future for our partners and their workers, we set and enforce the same high standards for all our partners wherever they are.

Samsung creates a
wave of socially
and environmentally responsible practices
throughout the supply

As part of our efforts to build a responsible supply chain, we work hard to protect our suppliers and their workers. We provide support for our partners to conduct all their activities ethically and in full compliance with the local laws, rules and regulations.

An integrated work environment
management process

To ensure a responsible supply chain, we developed a self-assessment tool for our partners based on 85 standards set out by the RBA, and once a year, they use this tool to identify areas for improvement. As follow-up measures for self-assessments, Samsung carried out on-site audits at 376 partner companies that were found to be “high risk” in 2020. By applying the RBA-based method of calculating compliance rates and taking corrective measures, the average compliance rate of audited suppliers was found to be 95%.

Work environment management process
  • Annual self-assessments
    using a checklist
    based on
    RBA criteria
  • All first-tier suppliers
    required to carry
On-site audit
  • Carried out on high-risk
    suppliers to
    identify tasks
    for improvement
  • 376 suppliers were
    audited in 2020
  • Follow-up audits to check
    the completion of tasks
Third-party audit
  • RBA-certified third-party auditors
    select suppliers and conduct initial audits
    based on RBA criteria
  • Action is taken on issues that can be addressed
    immediately, and corrections are verified
    closure audits

Zero-tolerance policy
for child labor

Respecting and protecting human rights is a top priority for Samsung, and that is why we have a strict zero-tolerance policy for child labor. Every year, Samsung carries out intensive checks to monitor the implementation of the Child Labor Prohibition Policy. If a partner is found to engage in child labor or forced labor, we enforce immediate corrective actions and impose penalties on the supplier evaluation score and reduce our business volume with them. Audit results of 177 partners in 2020 revealed no instances of child labor violations. But we requested that some partners implement more stringent checks for age verification during the hiring process, such as ID verification and paperwork for documented evidence according to local laws and regulations.

Safeguarding our future by protecting human rights and work environments

Safeguarding our future by
protecting human rights and work environments

Samsung expects the highest ethical and working environment standards from our partners worldwide because our partners are the drivers of a sustainable future. That is why every day we strive to create a safe and healthy environment for the management and workers at our partner companies. And why we will continue to protect our partners by building a responsible supply chain.

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