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A view of the Semiconductor-facilities Technology Academy

training for

partners of
any level


growth strategy

with partners

Partner collaboration
Multiple hands placed one on top of the other, creating a hand-stack. Factory smokestack seen against a cloudy sky. Factory smokestack seen against a cloudy sky.
for mutual growth

Multiple hands placed one on top of the other, creating a hand-stack.
programs for
Factory smokestack seen against a cloudy sky. Factory smokestack seen against a cloudy sky.
mutual growth

Machine engraving circuit patterns on a wafer.

Samsung leads
way in
mutual growth

and partner


Back in 2005, Samsung, understanding the importance of mutual growth with partners, included “Being a socially responsible corporate citizen” as one of the five business principles announced that year. The others were: complying with laws and ethical standards, maintaining a clean organizational culture, respecting customers, shareholders and employees, as well as caring for the environment, safety and health.

One of the ways we put our values into action was by offering high-quality training to our partners at no cost through such programs as the Partner Collaboration Academy and Semiconductor-facilities Technology Academy (SfTA).

Semiconductor-facilities Technology Academy attendee is holding up a certificate.

“I learned a lot more
during the 15-week
course than working
on the job as a piping

assistant for a year.” Kim Hyeonjin, SfTA 1st Season Honor Graduate

- Kim Hyeonjin, SfTA 1st Season Honor Graduate

After graduating from college, Kim Hyeonjin worked as a piping assistant for a year before applying to SfTA. Over the course of 15 weeks, she took field classes that covered semiconductor piping extensively and she received one-on-one instructions from experts in the field. After completing the course, she shared how the academy had helped her gain the skills she needed.

Sharing Samsung’s
expertise for
employees to
advance to
the next level

The Partnership Academy and SfTA continue developing programs to offer partner employees the practical training they need to grow and further their careers. In doing so, the academies are producing field experts that contribute to a strong workforce sustaining the foundations for a bright future.

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