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A blue helmet surrounded by tools needed by factories.

an even
work environment

Creating a culture of safety with a solid health and safety management system

Creating a culture of safety with a solid health and safety management system

Making workplaces
across the globe
Gray factory tower seen against a blue sky. Top view of a firetruck spraying water over a field. Close-up of solar panel against a blue sky.
as safe as home

Gray factory tower seen against a blue sky. Top view of a firetruck spraying water over a field.
across the
Close-up of solar panel against a blue sky.
as safe as home

A person is holding a blue safety helmet in his left hand and and his other hand is holding a paper on his desk.

Samsung’s occupational safety
and health
management systems
ISO 45001 certified.

To maintain high workplace safety standards,
Samsung continuously assesses its workplace for potential risks. All Samsung sites worldwide have health and safety management system standards in place. Since the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System was established in 2018, all Samsung workplaces, beginning with those in Korea, made the transition from OHSAS 18001 certification to ISO 45001. As of the end of 2020, all worksites have acquired the ISO 45001 certification and have implemented an occupational health and safety management framework that meets the latest ISO 45001 specifications.

With the updated occupational health and safety management system, Samsung strives to provide a safer and healthier workplace for all employees and prevent work-related injuries and health issues.

emergency response teams
all Samsung Semiconductor

Samsung Semiconductor’s dedicated fire brigade and chemical response teams operate 24/7 to ensure they can be dispatched to any site at any time.

They also offer emergency support to the local communities. The teams receive regular training to deal with the different types of emergencies that may arise and continue to carry out research and implement innovations to offer an emergency response service tailored to meet the specific needs of semiconductor workplaces.

Infographic showing the safety culture levels, rising from left to right.

Achieved safety culture level 3
(Level 2 in 2019 → Level 3 in 2021)

  • Level 1

    Because of
    an accident

  • Level 2

    Because of
    strict enforcement


    Safety compliance during management and supervision

  • Level 3



    Individual safety

  • Level 4

    With colleagues

    To 2023

    Sustainable best safety compliance

The key to preventing safety accidents

To assess and eliminate risk factors for the prevention of safety and health risks

With the prompt response to an accident, assessing and eliminating harmful risk factors in advance is the key to preventing safety accidents.

Samsung Semiconductor has a dedicated organization that conducts safety and health risk assessments to identify harmful risk factors in advance.
A total of 12,833 risk assessments were conducted in 2022, and of those, 90 cases of high-grade improvements were identified and fully resolved.

Samsung Semiconductor has processes in place to safely handle new chemicals and prevent related accidents before using these chemicals.
When introducing a new chemical, we conduct a “chemical pre-assessment” to assess environmental, safety, health, and disaster prevention hazards and risks, and even after the in-house introduction of such chemical, follow-up checks are carried out through the work environment assessment.

A workplace as safe as home
A workplace that protects colleagues like family

Samsung will continue to
work toward the highest
level of safety with an
advanced management system and safety culture narrowly tailored
to the needs of
semiconductor industry.

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