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Ground view of a sun shining from above and into a forest.

Going to work is
going for a stroll in the

We create forests where we make chips

We create
forests where
we make chips

The sun shines through a lush canopy of green trees.
Semiconductor takes
Close-up of a plant leaf.
sustainable steps forward
Side of glass building seen reflecting the sky. The building is seen between two trees.
by building forests

Samsung Semiconductor
The sun shines through a lush canopy of green trees.
steps forward
Side of glass building seen reflecting the sky. The building is seen between two trees. Close-up of a plant leaf.
by building

An aerial view of the forest path on the Pyeongtaek campus.

Creating campuses where plant life and workplaces coexist in harmony is important to Samsung Semiconductor. That is why we have been actively involved in the “Plant in the Forest” project with the Gyeonggi Provincial Office since 2019. The goal is to plant trees that effectively purify air pollutants such as fine dust, turning factory grounds into small forests. We were inspired by the mission to protect and improve our environment, and since participating in the project, we have been planting more and more trees on our sites.

Nearly 1.73 million,
that’s how many trees we’ve planted for
Plant in the Forest.

A factory building with two chimneys on a square shape and icons with several trees around it.


Giheung Campus


Hwaseong Campus


Pyeongtaek Campus


Onyang Campus


Cheonan Campus

Approximately 61.8 tons a year,
that’s how much fine dust we’re
reducing with Plant in the Forest.

61.8 tons a year,
that’s how much fine dust we’re reducing with Plant in the Forest.

Infographic with an equal sign between an icon with several trees on top of a square and an icon with a passenger car on top of a square.
  • 61.8tons

    of fine dust reduced
  • Fine dust emissions
    equivalent to

    36,000diesel cars

*According to the Korea Forest Service, the amount of fine dust reduction per shrub and forest tree is 35.7g per year, regardless of species.

Making the air cleaner and creating
parks for employees and the local
community with Plant in the Forest.

Samsung Semiconductor has been growing nearly 1.731 million shrubs and forest trees on five campuses in Giheung, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek, Cheonan, and Onyang. And these nearly 1.73 million shrubs and forest trees that reduce around 61.8 tons of fine dust, equivalent to what around 36,000 diesel cars emit per year.

There are several trees around the factory building with two chimneys and two people on the promenade.

2019 was the first year that the Plant in the Forest initiative was implemented, and in
2021, our campuses were selected by the Gyeonggi Province as the “Best Plant in the Forest.” Let’s take a closer look at these campuses, with nearly 1.73 million trees that reduce almost 61.8 tons of fine dust, every year.

The signboard of the Best Plant in the Forest in Gyeonggi-do in 2021.

The path
we want to walk,
Life with nature

Samsung Semiconductor has built walking
paths along the Giheung, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek, Cheonan and Onyang campuses. Head to work greeted by the four seasons, take a healthy rest in the forest, and go home with the flowers in full bloom. Shall we walk on this path together to keep our employees’ work environment and the local air beautiful and clean?

The Giheung Campus walking path with a road through the green trees.

A garden with four seasons, Giheung Campus

Surrounded by Maemisan Mountain, Giheung Campus shows off its beauty like a well-kept garden. The campus offers seasonal features such as flowers, berries and maple leaves. Grand pine trees have been planted around the campus to create spectacular scenery. This gorgeous garden creates an outstanding balance with Maemisan Mountain,
and the Campus as a whole offers a wide range of spectacular views from different vantage points along the
hilly terrain formed by the valleys.

The Hwaseong Campus walking with a road through the green forest with reeds.

A peaceful nature
Hwaseong Campus

Since the Hwaseong Campus is near the residential complex, Dongtan New Town, we created a tall green wall of trees to minimize sound and to block strong winds. The campus is home to a rest facility from the Bronze Age that preserves the natural beauty of Donghaksan Mountain with a walking trail and woods of trees, including grand pine trees, pine trees, cherry trees and white birch trees. There’s also the beautiful Metasequoia Road, named for the trees it’s lined with,
that change throughout the seasons, growing lush and thick with vibrant colors of leaves.

An aerial view of the walking path built on Pyeongtaek Campus.

A forest with
different views,
Pyeongtaek Campus

Closely located to the south of the Godeok residential area, Pyeongtaek Campus also has a tall wall of trees to help prevent noise and strong winds. The trail on the campus goes through various rock gardens, designer gardens and a landmark surrounded by big trees. Each area offers its own beautiful view that ranges from natural ponds to misty fountains.

The walking trail on Onyang Campus, surrounded by blooming yellow flowers.

The walking path’s embrace,
Onyang Campus

The 2.9km walking path surrounds the campus. Onyang Campus’ walking path was completed by connecting five separate trails into one. First, Bokji-dong to Softball Field Road where you can feel the atmosphere of all four seasons; second, Chohwawon Road near a softball field with colorful flowers; third, Research Road lined with flowers like echinacea; fourth, the newly refurbished 4-Line Road
and finally, Forest Shade Road where you can feel the forest atmosphere. It takes around 40 minutes to walk the whole path, and you can enjoy the forest and feel nature from the well-groomed garden.

The private walking path on Cheonan Campus, with benches and a pergola.

A comfortable rest,
Cheonan Campus

Haneulnarae Road on Cheonan Campus is made to walk and rest to release your stress. Passing through the Huwon walking path with a bench and pergola between the trees, you will encounter a wide and open grass square to the south of Bokji-dong. Continue through the grass square
and head to the main gate, where there is a circular walking path and
the main rest area. If you walk along the road, you will see a four-season flower garden where you can enjoy seasonal flowers all year round. It is
an approximately 30-minute course with a total length of 1.8km, where
you can relax at any time.

continues to create
forests to reduce
fine dust.
Beyond the forest lies a
sustainable future.

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