Samsung Mobile Processor Exynos 7 Dual 7270

Mobile Processor

Exynos 7 Dual (7270)
Processor that makes a wearable
Samsung Exynos 7 Dual (7270) is a dedicated processor for wearable that presents a new paradigm to the wearable industry. In addition to advanced 14nm FinFET process, integrated LTE modem with various connectivities, and 64-bit dual-core CPU, the Exynos 7 Dual integrates memory and Power management IC all in a small tiny package making it perfect for slim form-factor wearable devices that are powerful and has incredibly long battery life.
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SiP-ePoP Package

Breathtaking technologies in
an ultra-mini package
Powerful processor is useless if it’s too big to fit into size-sensitive wearable devices. To meet such need, Exynos 7 Dual is built with the most innovative packaging technology. The SiP-ePoP1) package includes not only the processor but also memory (DRAM & eMMC) and power management IC in a tiny 10 x 10mm package while reducing the thickness2) by approximately 30%.
1) SiP-ePoP (Sip: System-in-Package, ePoP: embedded Package on Package)
2) Compared to its predecessor.
Infographic describing 30% Slimmer Z-Hight Side view of Smartwatch
For longer battery life, in just simple math, one just needs to use a bigger battery. But with only limited space available in a very slim wearable device, this can be done only through reducing the space occupied by various chips. However combining or integrating the main processor and power IC is deemed close to impossible as they generate heat that may cause instability in performance. Furthermore NAND flash memory is highly sensitive to heat making it difficult to package with or stack on components that are high in temperature.

When it all seemed impossible, Samsung innovated new package scheme called SiP-ePoP. Samsung developed ePoP package, integrating NAND flash with mobile processor, using special heat resistant properties in 2015. And with power efficient 14nm FinFET process based mobile processor and wearable dedicated Power management IC, Samsung was able to successfully combine the two using SiP packaging. With SiP-ePoP, Exynos 7 Dual successfully integrates all those components into one package.
Infographic describing ePop and SiP-ePoP

14nm FinFET Process

Wear longer with
less recharging
With the advanced 14nm FinFET process, the Exynos 7 Dual delivers 20 percent improved
power efficiency than its predecessor built on 28nm process, allowing devices to last longer.
Front view of smartwatch with full battery on its display
Samsung’s 14nm process uses FinFET structure, unlike the previous process’ planar structure. In a planar structure, gate is attached to the transistor on only one surface, whereas in a FinFET structure, gate is attached on three sides of the channel allowing more effective control of the current leakage than planar. Also, in planar structure, electrons can only move from source to drain through one surface under the gate, whereas in FinFET structure, electrons can move across three surfaces of the fin-shaped 3D structure. Furthermore, with 14nm process’ shorter gate length, which means shorter distance between the source and the drain, electrons need to move shorter distance enabling transistors to switch on and off quickly. Simply put, if the channel is a road, there are more number of lanes that are shorter in length. With more paths that are shorter in length, more electrons can move faster through the channel resulting in enhanced performance.
Illustrative image of Planar and 3D FinFET

LTE Modem and Connectivity

Stay connected
anywhere at anytime
The integrated Cat.4 LTE modem enables wearable devices to be always connected as a standalone device while devices can also be tethered to a smartphone via WiFi. Furthermore, integrated FM radio and GNSS solution enables the device to feature radio and location based services.
Phone UI with Phone icon FM Radio UI with FM Radio icon Message UI with Message icon GNSS UI with GNSS icon Samsung Exynos 7 Dual 7270, LTE Modem and Connectivity

Reference Platform

For easier and faster
Samsung provides a reference platform that features various components including display, NFC, audio codec, diverse sensors and a sensor hub to enable faster time to market. It enables manufacturer to test and optimize the performance and power consumption on various use scenarios with less time and resources.
Smartwatch watch face up close


  • CPU
    1.0GHz Dual-Core (Cortex®-A53)
  • GPU
    Mali™-T720 MP1
  • Process
    14nm FinFET Process
  • Display
    Up to qHD (960x540)
  • LTE Modem
    LTE Cat.4 150Mbps (DL) /
    50Mbps (UL)
  • Connectivity
    WiFi, FM Radio
  • GNSS
    GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
  • PMIC
    Integrated in SiP-ePoP
  • Storage
    eMMC 5.0, SD 3.0
  • Memory
  • Camera
    5MP 30fps
  • Video
    HD 30fps encoding and decoding with
    HEVC (H.264), VP8 Codec
  • Package
    SiP-ePoP, 10x10mm
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