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Unbelievable gaming experiences
Exynos is built for the future of mobile gaming. Equipped with custom AMD chipsets and AMIGO (Advanced Multi-IP Governor) technology, you’ll experience lagless video and razor-sharp graphics performance. Harnessing the power of GPU and Advanced Multi-IP Governor technology, Exynos processors deliver immersive, lag-free gaming and mixed-reality experiences that rival consoles and PCs.
Unlock cutting-edge mobile performance
Optimized to enhance processing speed and power efficiency, Exynos processors’ CPUs bring exceptional single-core and multi-core performance to smartphones, delivering next-generation mobile experiences.
Lasting battery life
Exynos delivers longer battery life with enhanced energy efficiency, letting you preserve battery power for when you really need it. The processor’s main IPs are designed for power, performance, and superior energy economy, so you’ll go further on every charge.
Smarter, more intelligent AI
Exynos processors are built to provide the intelligence required for next-generation mobile experiences. Featuring best-in-class NPUs, they enable more powerful on-device AI performance with remarkable efficiency.
A new way to capture the world
Capture incredible content with intelligent multi-camera experiences. From AI-powered camera features to stunning low-light shots, Exynos’s advanced ISP sets a new standard for mobile photography.
Image processing

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