Samsung Exynos Automotive Processor Exynos Auto V9.

Automotive Processor

Exynos Auto v9
Re-engineering in-vehicle experiences
For a new level of in-vehicle experience with safer driving, the Exynos Auto V9 processor offers powerful and intelligent performance. The processor is designed to run multiple applications on multiple displays and provide assistance for safer driving with AI and multi-camera support.

Multiple display and camera

Immersive driving experience
The Exynos Auto V9 processor can simultaneously support up to six in-vehicle displays for information/entertainment contents and up to twelve cameras for multi-camera set-up for advanced driver assistance features such as driver monitoring, front and rear dashboard camera, e-mirror, etc.
In-vehicle infotainment system with multiple displays; HUD, digital cluster, center console and backseat displays.


Intelligent processing power
The Exynos Auto V9 embeds powerful octa-core CPU and tri-cluster GPU to seamlessly run multiple OS and digital cockpit features on multiple displays simultaneously. Notably, Exynos Auto V9 comes with three sets of multi-core Mali-G76 GPUs providing a dedicated graphical performance per each critical display such as cluster display, central information display (CID) and rear-seat entertainment (RSE). In addition, the Exynos Auto V9 features an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) for a personalized digital concierge service that can intelligently provide a comfortable and safer driving environment.
Octa-core CPU, Tri-cluster GPU, NPU symbols.

Multiple OS

The right OS for right purpose
For safety and versatility, the Exynos Auto V9 processor supports multiple OS, including QNX, a RTOS(Real-Time Operating System) for time-critical sub-systems, and Android or Linux, a GPOS(General Purpose Operating System) for general application.
Exynos Auto V9 supports QNX, a RTOS and Android or Linux, a GPOS.


Engineered for safer driving
Functional safety is especially critical when it comes to automotive components. Exynos Auto V9’s embedded safety island allows real-time protection for system operations, facilitating ASIL-B requirements, a safety classification schemes required for premium in-vehicle infotainment system.
A baby sitting on infant car seats.


  • CPU
    Octa-core (Cortex®-A76)
  • GPU
    Mali™-G76 (MP12+MP3+MP3)
  • Memory
  • Storage
    UFS 2.1
  • Ethernet
    2x Gb Ethernet
  • Display
    Up to 6 Displays,
    5120x2880, 8192x1800,
    2x DP 4 lanes, 2x MIPI DSI 4 lanes
  • Camera
    Up to 12 Cameras,
    4/4/4 MIPI CSI
  • Video
    4096x4096 120fps encoding
    and decoding with HEVC(H.265),
    H.264, VP9, VP8, VC-1
  • Audio DSP
    4x HiFi 4
  • NPU
  • Safety Level
  • Process
    8nm FinFET
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