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Samsung’s New Multi-chip Package Brings 5G Experiences to a Wider Range of Mobile Devices

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5G is the current gold standard of smartphone connectivity. Samsung believes that its benefits should be more widely available to consumers. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the industry’s first LPDDR5 UFS-based multi-chip package (uMCP), bringing numerous 5G experiences to mid- to high-end mobile devices that were previously only available on premium flagship devices. The multi-chip package utilizes the fastest LPDDR5 DRAM, combined with the latest 3.1 NAND flash, to deliver its top-of-the-line performance. Offering approximately 50% faster DRAM performance (25GB/s compared to 17GB/s*), and double the NAND flash speeds (3GB/s, up from 1.5GB/s*), uMCP will provide faster downloads, improved photo quality, graphics-intensive gaming options, augmented reality (AR) capabilities, uninterrupted streaming and more. With that level of performance, you might expect a larger form factor, but the LPDDR5 uMCP measures only 11.5mm x 13mm. A smaller footprint provides more space for other features and physical components, while maintaining a high degree of efficiency. For adaptation to varying levels of device performance and capacity, the LPDDR5-enabled uMCP comes with scaling options. DRAM capacity ranges from 6-12GB; storage starts at 128GB and runs up to 512GB. Samsung has tested uMCP compatibility with multiple global smartphone manufactures, with great success. The uMCP is expected to begin device rollout in mainstream markets before the end of June. With this new offering, Samsung hopes to deliver the 5G experience to more people by providing access to the latest advances in mobile device technology. *Compared to the previous LPDDR4X-based UFS 2.2 solution

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