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Samsung Semiconductor talks of “Technology that makes technology Sustainable” at a reknown Technology Forum that invites individuals from academia and research

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IEEE’s 7th annual Electron Device and Manufacturing Conference was held in Seoul, Korea. Technology leaders across the IT value chain gathered under the theme “Strengthen the global semiconductor research collaboration beyond the COVID-19 pandemic era” to discuss new ideas and technological breakthroughs. Samsung Semiconductor also attended this event to discuss and share new findings and progress in semiconductor development.
Sustainability in Semiconductor Manufacturing Although the conference was largely on technical discussions, the IEEE dedicated a separate time to openly discussing the sustainability of the semiconductor industry. Titled “Sustainability in Semiconductor Manufacturing”, IEEE continues to emphasize the importance of sustainability within the industry, in part, a continuum of the last conference’s theme “Semiconductor Devices and Manufacturing Innovations for a More Sustainable World.” As sustainability leader of the semiconductor industry, Samsung Semiconductor was also invited to share the company’s environmental achievements and practices the company operates to perform eco-conscious business management. Dr. Hosong Hwang, Corporate Vice President and Head of Environment Team spoke on the title ““A journey towards a positive environmental impact beyond carbon neutrality”, sharing the firm’s overarching environmental goals and achievements that are aimed to bring a positive environmental impact as our technology progresses. The talk held special meaning in that Samsung Semiconductor’s was able to share the ambition for a sustainable business at stage where diverse technical experts from business, academia, and the research gathered.
Moreover, beyond the company’s individual effort, Samsung Semiconductor called for the need for a collective effort to drive environmental progress, as Dr. Hwang put it “We are also working with many of our industry peers to align our objectives…We need collaboration with the value chain, and request for your help through active participation.” The discussion about sustainable progress will continue as it is undoubtedly an essential value that a business must pursue. As a global IT leader, Samsung Semiconductor will pursue this value by placing technology at its core and continue to take the necessary steps to build a sustainable future. * Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing (EDTM) Conference was established by the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS provides the forum where device, process, material, and tool communities gather and discuss their novel ideas for technological breakthrough. Sinc 2017, EDTM rotates among Asian countries where hot-hubs of semiconductor manufacturing are located.

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