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Samsung Semiconductor shares environmental goals at SEMICON Europa, voicing for a collaborative effort across the industry

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On November 15th~18th, Samsung Electronics attended the annual SEMICON Europa in Munich, Germany as a platinum sponsor. SEMICON Europa is an annual event hosted by SEMI that brings together semiconductor companies across the continent to share new technologies and industry trends. This year with “sustainability” being a key theme in the market, a separate session “Smart & Green Manufacturing Summit’ was also hosted on the 17th, November. As an active proponent of environmental sustainability, Samsung Semiconductor also spoke at the event sharing our efforts and results for a sustainable future. □ A drive toward a sustainable future, Samsung Semiconductor shares eco-conscious technology and environmental milestones Found in 1970, the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) is the world’s largest unity of semiconductor industry composed of more than 2,100 members and 1.3million experts, of which Samsung Semiconductor is one too. Beginning in February at SEMICON Korea, leading to SEMICON West in June, Samsung Semiconductor has been active participants in SEMI’s event sharing latest trends with the industry stakeholders. This year, discussion topics has expanded from technical capabilities to sustainability, to which companies, including Samsung, placed a high emphasis on each’s strenuous effort toward environmental sustainability and achievements made so far.

□ SEMICON Europa, first appearance since “New Environmental Strategy” and formation of “Semiconductor Climate Consortium” SEMICON Europa was the first public event Samsung Semiconductor has participated since September’s “New Environmental Strategy” announcement and recent formation of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium”. At the event Samsung Semiconductor not only showed our technical progress but also presented company’s desire to improve our environment and collaborate with the industry to achieve a common-goal, resolve climate issues. On November 17th, Claire HyunJung Seo, Corporate VP of DS Corporate Sustainability Management Office spoke at the ‘Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit ‘on our vision slogan ‘Technology that makes Technology Sustainable. ‘There she shared our core principle, to use our leading-edge technology tackle climate challenges and continue to uphold sustainable management.
Samsung Semiconductor has participated in SEMICON Europa, presenting the company's desire to improve our environment and collaborate with the industry to achieve a common goal, resolve climate issues.
Samsung Semiconductor has participated in SEMICON Europa, presenting the company's desire to improve our environment and collaborate with the industry to achieve a common goal, resolve climate issues.
View of SEMICON Europa Entrance
View of SEMICON Europa Entrance
She also shared the details of the recently released New Environmental Strategy, categorized environmental goals in four main areas: carbon reduction, water recycle, waste management, and pollutant treatment. Samsung strives to achieve the objectives in each areas by making use of current technologies and developing new ones. One great example of how Samsung is progressing toward environmental sustainability is the use of the Regenerative Catalytic System (RCS), a gas treatment system ran by renewable energy, efficiently treats greenhouse gas released during production, minimizing environmental impact. As such, Samsung will keep searching for technical solutions to solve environmental issues. Ranging from raw material selection, product development and waste disposal, Samsung will minimize our impact on nature and also help customers to strive sustainability by providing low-powered semiconductors. For example, by being the first to implement EUV process and utilizing dynamic voltage technology, our LPDDR5X improved its speed by 30% and power efficiency by 20% from its predecessor, significantly lowering power-usage for our customers and their products. Joining of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium, sharing our efforts at industry events, such as SEMI Sustainability Summit, and participating in the Open Compute Project (OCP) Sustainability Initiative are just some beginning steps in our ESG journey ahead; as a leader Samsung Semiconductor will both individually and collectively work toward decarbonization and tackle the climate challenges ahead to build a sustainable future.

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