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Samsung Reps Spotlight Can’t-Miss Exhibits and Innovations in IFA 2019 Booth

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From 5G smartphones to immersive 8K TVs, personalized appliances to robotic companions, Samsung’s IFA 2019 booth is chock full of interactive exhibits showcasing exciting ways that the company’s latest ‘connected living’ innovations work together to enhance a wide range of lifestyles. To help visitors get a sense of the key themes, experiences and innovations to look out for in Samsung’s showcase, we spoke to some of the individuals who helped put the booth together. Connected Home Zone
Jung Woo-joon is explaining the related product at the connected home booth.
Jung Woo-joon is explaining the related product at the connected home booth.

Q: What would you like visitors to take away from the Connected Home Zone? We hope that, by encouraging them to experience how seamlessly Samsung’s home innovations connect in ways that simplify users’ lives, visitors will walk away with a deep understanding of the true value of connected living. We designed this zone to illustrate how Samsung’s IoT solutions cater to consumers of various interests and lifestyles. For example, the Health Geek section showcases ways that Samsung devices can help users reach their fitness goals. One of the most dynamic examples of this involves the Galaxy Watch Active2 and a Technogym exercise bike. The bike is outfitted with NFC technology, and when users tap it with their watch, they’re able to easily sync their watch with their bike, and log their workout data in Samsung Health as soon as they finish exercising. Q: Are there any other exhibits in the zone that visitors should be sure to check out? Don’t forget to test drive Samsung’s Digital Cockpit. It not only offers simple controls for managing connected devices in your home from your car, but it also lets you easily manage key car functions from the comfort of your home. Let me give you an example. After launching the SmartThings app on the Digital Cockpit’s dashboard, if you select “Coming home,” the system will automatically activate the connected devices you’ll need when you arrive – like the lights and air conditioner – so your house will be ready for your return. Visual Display Zone
This is Kim Ji-eun explaining to the 8K highlight zone at the video display booth.
This is Kim Ji-eun explaining to the 8K highlight zone at the video display booth.

Q: Which section of the Visual Display Zone would you recommend the most to visitors? There’s a wide range of exciting displays on exhibit in the Visual Display Zone, but I’d especially recommend that visitors check out the QLED 8K Highlight Zone to take a look at our full lineup of QLED 8K TVs. It’s the widest 8K TV range in the industry, and our exhibits do an excellent job of showcasing the TVs’ breathtaking visuals. Because QLED 8K TVs feature a resolution that’s four times greater than 4K UHD TVs, they add a sense of depth to content that makes it feel more immersive. We also offer a wide range of size options, designed to suit any home. These include the newly announced 55-inch model, as well as 65-, 75-, 82-, 85- and 98-inch versions. I’d also recommend that you see how the 98-inch model, and its 5,000-nit peak luminance, make HDR video content really pop. Visitors should also be sure to check out the 146- and 219-inch versions of The Wall, our immersive, modular Micro LED display. It can be custom-tailored to any size, and it’s a fantastic solution for businesses, as well as those looking for the ultimate TV upgrade. You can see both models on display in all their glory on the right side of the zone. Trust me, you won’t want to miss that. Q: Could you tell us more about the technology that allows QLED 8K TVs to produce such an immersive picture? The Quantum Processor 8K is the key here. It’s based on our proprietary semiconductor technology, and it’s what makes QLED 8K possible, along with the TVs’ innovative QLED panels. The Quantum Processor 8K intelligently analyzes more than ten million images, and uses this data to automatically upscales standard definition, HD, FHD and UHD content. The Quantum Processor 8K makes it possible for users to enjoy their favorite TV shows and OTT (Over The Top) streaming content in crisp 8K quality. When you see the before and after images with your own eyes here in the zone, you’ll realize just how powerful this technology really is. Digital Appliance Zone
Lee Eun-ji is explaining about the bispoke refrigerator at the household appliance booth.
Lee Eun-ji is explaining about the bispoke refrigerator at the household appliance booth.

Q: What should visitors check out first in the Digital Appliance Zone? I’d recommend that they check out our new BESPOKE refrigerator line. When we created the Digital Appliance Zone, we wanted to show people how Samsung’s home appliances tailor to a variety of lifestyles. BESPOKE is a perfect example of this lifestyle-centric approach to innovation. BESPOKE’s launch has effectively brought about a new era of customized home appliances. Each BESPOKE refrigerator is completely customizable, which means that users can personalize their fridge’s color, materials and configuration to suit their lifestyle and design needs. With a modular design and up to eight different configurations – from single-door to four-door units – BESPOKE refrigerators seamlessly fit into most contemporary kitchens. Their versatility is on display in a total of seven lifestyle-tailored exhibits across the Digital Appliance Zone, including the circular structure at the center, which we like to call the Circle of Life. Going forward, in addition to showcasing customizable appliances like BESPOKE at this year’s IFA, we’ll continue to develop convenient, customizable devices that tailor to the lifestyles of a wide range of consumers – including Millennials and those living in single-person households. Q: What else would you recommend that visitors check out in the zone? After checking out BESPOKE, I’d recommend that they take a look at our new range of premium cordless stick vacuum cleaners, POWERstick Jet™. Our POWERstick Jet lineup offers industry-leading suction power, up to 200 watts,1 feature a long-lasting battery and an ergonomic design, and even include a 5-layer HEPA filtration system that captures up to 99.999 percent2 of allergens and dust particles. Semiconductor Zone
Frank Kalisch is explaining SSD in a semiconductor booth.
Frank Kalisch is explaining SSD in a semiconductor booth.

Q: What should visitors check out first in the Semiconductor Zone? I’d have to say Samsung’s SSD T5. It’s the latest addition to a long line of portable solid-state drives that offer fast transfers and reliable performance. Our exhibit offers visitors a chance to take a closer look at the SSD’s impressive specs – including 500GB and 1TB capacities, and transfer speeds of up to 540 MB/s – as well as its new Rose Gold and Metallic Red finishes. I’d also recommend that they check out one of our Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) SSD portfolio, the 970 EVO Plus. Operating on the PCIe interface, this NVMe SSD delivers sequential read speeds of up to 3,500 megabytes per second. When playing 4K games, users experience fast load speeds, and no lag. It’s available with up to 2TB of storage, and it comes in a compact M.2 form factor. Q: Will visitors be able to take a closer look at some of the Samsung semiconductor technologies that have been receiving considerable attention lately? Absolutely. The zone also offers a glimpse at our latest semiconductor system solutions, including our new Dynamic Vision Sensor. It’s a technology that can be utilized in a variety of fields, especially home surveillance. It’s capable of distinguishing between humans and objects, and it recognizes movement by registering changes in light. Because its output is dot-based, and it’s designed to only recognize people’s movements and not their faces, the Dynamic Vision Sensor ensures that users’ privacy is preserved. Before you leave, be sure to check out Samsung’s first 5G-integrated mobile processor, the Exynos 980. This innovative technology opens the door for consumers to enjoy more sophisticated AI experiences, and it will eventually enable us to add 5G connectivity to more devices. Mobile Zone
Mr. Seo explaining the smartphone at the wireless business booth.
Mr. Seo explaining the smartphone at the wireless business booth.

Q: What is the key theme of the Mobile Zone, and why was it chosen? The innovations featured in the Mobile Zone demonstrate how Samsung Electronics is leading the charge when it comes to 5G. Samsung was the first in the market to introduce a commercially available 5G device, the Galaxy S10 5G, and here at IFA, we’re taking the next step in leading 5G’s democratization by expanding our 5G smartphone lineup to include a wider range of mobile devices. The 5G smartphones showcased here, including the Galaxy Note10 5G, the Note10+ 5G, the Galaxy Fold 5G and the Galaxy A90 5G, will open the door for more people to experience 5G’s always-on connectivity and the incredible possibilities that come with it. And we believe that, going forward, this 5G ecosystem will only grow faster and stronger. Q: What are some key features that visitors should focus on when testing out Samsung’s new smartphones? This is the first time that we’ve offered the opportunity to get hands-on with the Galaxy Fold, so I’d definitely recommend that visitors take this chance to get an up-close look at the device’s new form factor. Experience just how easy it is to transition apps from the 4.6-inch cover display to the 7.3-inch main screen – and vice versa – and be sure to test out the smartphone’s six-camera setup. The Galaxy A90 5G is another standout smartphone whose premium specs are sure to catch visitors’ eyes. These include the device’s 48MP high-resolution camera; a powerful processor, which supports faster downloads and smoother streaming; and a high-capacity 4,500mAh battery, just to name a few. Q: Are there any other activities you’d recommend to those visiting the Mobile Zone? Each 5G device in the Mobile Zone is equipped with an app that illustrates the level of power and connectivity that 5G networks make possible. The app was created based on an actual 5G demo conducted in Korea earlier this year using Samsung’s first 5G smartphone, the Galaxy S10 5G. The demo is designed to showcase how 5G supports a completely new viewing experience – one that’s richer and more personalized. When viewing content with 5G, you can choose specific viewing angles, replay specific moments, and even catch details that you may have missed. With this demo, we’re showing people that 5G is no longer a technology of the future; it’s here today. So don’t forget to stop by the booth to experience its power for yourself. 1 Suction tested on Jet model based on IEC62885-2 Cl 5.8, tested at the inlet of the non-accessorized tool, at the Max mode. Based on SLG (Schubert Leiter Geratesicherheit) tests. 2 IEC62885-2 Cl. 5 11. Max mode (particle size: 0.3-10 micrometer)

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