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Samsung Launches SAVE Campaign to Showcase the Role Memory Solutions Play in Everyday Life

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From our smartphones to our cloud storage systems, one of the main roles our devices play is to store our information and treasured memories securely and for a long time to come. At the heart of how this data remains saved for us to access anytime is Samsung Electronics’ market-leading semiconductor solutions, and so in order to raise awareness of just how crucial a role these chips play in our day-to-day lives, Samsung is launching its all-new SAVE campaign. The word ‘save’ has many meanings: ‘to store’, ‘to gather’, ‘to cherish’, ‘to protect’, ‘to recover’ and ‘to liberate’ being just a few. Accordingly, the SAVE campaign’s message is ‘Samsung Memory Saves All the Progress in the World.’ This slogan summarizes Samsung’s commitment to contributing to society in ways that benefit everyone and bring about a better world for all through technology solutions that preserve the multifarious values and experiences of societies from all corners in the world. In order to raise awareness of the role of the company’s memory solutions in everyday life, Samsung has collaborated with world-renowned K-pop artist NCT 127 to release a powerful single and music video, ‘SAVE.’ Furthermore, Samsung has released a dedicated campaign film showcasing the long-term vision and values that drive Samsung Memory.

SAVE Campaign interviewSAVE Music video Samsung has also created a new, modern design for the SAVE campaign based on the iconic ‘save’ symbol in order to highlight the importance of saving and put forward the idea of saving for a new generation. Combining elements of the original floppy disc shape, today’s SSD solutions, modern SD card design and the ‘download’ arrow symbol, this new design brings together saving solutions old and new to operate as a universal symbol for memory – and the concept of saving.
Samsung Memory All the Progress
Samsung Memory All the Progress
Stay tuned for more information on the SAVE campaign and to learn more about how Samsung is re-defining the word ‘save’ to bring new memory solutions to more people. For further information about SAVE campaign, visit the page below. visit to website.

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