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Get big power in a small package

Deploying Samsung PM971 BGA NVMe SSD

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Thinner, lighter and longer battery life The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming consumer lifestyles. With the desire to stay connected 24/7, consumers are demanding slimmer, lighter, yet more-powerful devices that do not require frequent recharging. The need for go-anywhere portability is challenging device manufacturers to find smaller, high-performance and power-efficient drives to fit these ultra-thin form factors. The Samsung PM971 is the industry's first NVMe™ PCIe® SSD in a single BGA (Ball Grid Array) package that is amazingly small, super powerful and impressively power efficient. Ultra-compact for ultra-thin devices The PM971 contains all the essential components of an SSD—NAND flash, DRAM and controller—in one small chip. Its compact design is about a fifth the size of an M.2 drive, making it ideal for today's ultra-slim tablets, laptop hybrids and wearable devices. Accomplish more with devices that can last longer All-day battery life is now a reality. You no longer need to scramble for an outlet to recharge a device. The PM971 is small not just in size but also in power consumption, and it keeps devices up and running for the long haul. Moreover, its small form factor translates into design flexibility, providing more room for other components, such as a larger battery to extend battery life even further. A small size that packs a punch The PM971 triples the performance of a SATA SSD with up to 512 GB of storage in the size of a thumbnail. A sequential read speed reaches up to 1,500 MB/s, while a sequential write speed reaches up to 900 MB/s thanks to Samsung's proprietary TurboWrite technology. Random read and write speeds clock in at 190K and 170K IOPS respectively. These speeds surpass any typical SATA SSD, not to mention all existing HDDs. For more information, refer to the below download PDF.

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