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PM9A3: Gen4 Drives Dynamic Data Traffic

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Samsung PM9A3 – The Power Behind High Performing Data Centers
Samsung PM9A3 – The Power Behind High Performing Data Centers

Samsung PM9A3 – The Power Behind High Performing Data Centers The beating heart of any data center are the storage systems that deliver consistent I/O performance. We need them to deliver round the clock great and reliable performance to the tenant virtual machines and containers. Solid-state drives (SSD) are the preferred technology for high performance in cloud applications, of course, but not just any solution will do. Samsung is now unleashing next generation data center performance with its PM9A3 NVMe PCIe SSD. A specialist data center product, this cutting-edge solution offers up to 190,000 IOPS random write time and 6950 MB/S sequential read, as well as up to 50% faster restart times compared to its predecessor. It’s also available in a range of form factors, including M.2, U.2 and E1.S. Providing significant improvements for those needing high end storage, there’s plenty to attract growing data centers that want to create value. Enterprise functionality Data center architects strive to deliver reliable computing and storage resources, but enterprise budgets are not limitless, so they must deliver performance at the lowest total cost. Over-index in either direction and the solution becomes less compelling. Samsung has found the sweet spot. Already a leader in delivering NVMe SSDs, the company is well-versed in providing performance in public cloud applications. Compared to SATA SSDs, top-performing NVMe SSDs can provide more than ten times the read performance and lower latency, while still providing the cost benefits of SATA and low-power consumption per IOP. With the Samsung PM9A3 specifically, users benefit from a combination of high performance and enterprise functionality built especially for data centers. It takes advantage of PCIe Gen 4, which unlocks new levels of speed. Samsung is one of the first movers with Gen 4 technology, launching innovative PCIe Gen4-supporting SSD, the PM1733. With the PM9A3, the company is now taking the lead in the data center space by creating a solution that offers performance where it’s needed most. Samsung’s PM9A3 is quick and efficient. It breaks through the bottlenecks experienced by SSDs that support PCIe Gen 3, delivering random read times that are almost twice as fast and a sequential read speed more than twice as fast as its predecessor. The solution races through the I/O workload while offering stability and high-end enterprise security. Agile and effective The PM9A3 is as versatile as it is powerful. Samsung understands that not all server deployments are created equal and has designed the PM9A3 accordingly. Available in various form factors to suit multiple system types, all are built using the same Samsung SSD controllers and V-NAND for high availability and simplified SSD qualification. And when using 8TB, it can apply a high capacity 256TB configuration in a 1U server. With the development of the PM9A3, Samsung has proven that it is possible to provide specialist data center SSDs that are both power efficient and cost effective, even when it comes to large-scale deployments. High-end enterprise NVMe SSD is now available for everyone, with features to match – and it’s not just for those with the deepest pockets. The PM9A3 is faster, performs better and offers security that gives peace of mind. Welcome to the new and improved data center.

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