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Mission Peak: High-performance Storage Solution with NF1 SSD

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Image of high-performance shared NVMe-oF™ storage solutions using Samsung NF1 SSDs
Image of high-performance shared NVMe-oF™ storage solutions using Samsung NF1 SSDs
High-performance shared NVMe-oF™ storage solution with Samsung NF1 SSDs ​ The rapid acceleration of data creation has put traditional storage architectures under increasing pressure because it lacks the scalability and flexibility required to fulfill future capacity and performance requirements. The data tsunami calls for a new innovative hardware and software ecosystem, which break the barriers of existing designs by offering unforeseen density and performance. ​ Industry leaders Samsung, AIC, Mellanox, E8 Storage and Memorysolution have partnered to develop the “Mission Peak” platform, which is a 1U server with up to 550TB of high-speed NF1 form factor NVMe SSDs, offering more than 50% higher capacity than traditional storage solutions within the same footprint. NVMe is a new protocol that has been designed solely for SSDs, and when combined with E8 Storage’s innovative software, “Mission Peak” can offer up to 10 million IOPS of shared storage accessible over-Fabric (oF) via Mellanox Ethernet networking. ​ The “Mission Peak” solution is now available for PoCs (Proof of Concepts) in eShelter’s Innovation Lab in Frankfurt, Germany. By partnering with one of the leading colocation providers, Samsung and its partners are able to provide a seamless “PoC as a service” offering, in which end-customers can login remotely to the PoC platform for testing and benchmarking. Compared to traditional PoCs, a remote PoC can reduce the time from months to just 1-2 weeks and as all hardware has been pre-installed and tested; there is no additional cost or workload for the end-user to perform the PoC. The “Mission Peak“ system at the e-shelter Innovation Lab is one of the first installations of a next generation NVMe-oF storage platform available worldwide for customer PoCs. Please contact if you’re interested in running your own PoC there.

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