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[Video] ISOCELL HP1: Resolution redefined

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If every picture tells a story, then pictures snapped with the ISOCELL HP1 speak volumes. Combining ultra-high resolution with fast autofocus and unparalleled low-light performance, Samsung’s newest image sensor allows you to capture any moment in impeccable detail. Here’s how the ISOCELL HP1 is changing the mobile photography game.

200. Million. Pixels The ISOCELL HP1’s ultra-high resolution is a big leap forward for mobile photography. Based on Samsung’s 0.64μm pixels, the ISOCELL HP1 is the world’s first 200-megapixel (MP) image sensor. The sensor’s groundbreaking pixel count allows you to faithfully capture each and every aspect of your favorite moments. This means that images captured with the ISOCELL HP1 contain a world of detail even when cropped or zoomed in. To help users take full advantage of the 200MP sensor, the ISOCELL HP1 comes with Samsung’s new 4x4 hybrid pixel-binning technology, which allows it to adjust its pixel layout to suit the shooting environment, and is powered by a sophisticated, deep learning-based software remosaic. The sensor’s pixel-binning technology also enables it to record crisp 8K videos with minimum loss in the field of view. It works by combining four pixels into one 1.28μm-sized pixel, allowing you to capture gorgeous 8K videos at 30fps, and stunning 4K slow-motion clips at 120fps. Light Up the Night Say goodbye to grainy low-light photos. The ISOCELL HP1’s combination of pixel-binning technology, Smart-ISO and multisampling allows you to capture clearer photos in dark settings. When shooting in low-light environments, 4x4 hybrid pixel-binning technology – one of the ISOCELL HP1’s most versatile innovations – merges 16 pixels into one large, 2.56μm-sized pixel. This greatly improves the sensor’s light absorption, producing bright, 12.5MP images with less noise. Smart-ISO, meanwhile, allows the ISOCELL HP1 to intelligently adjust to various lighting conditions. In dim environments, it switches to High ISO mode to deliver brighter, clearer photos. In well-lit environments, it selects Low ISO mode to ensure accurate colors and to reduce oversaturation. Finally, the image sensor’s multisampling technology reduces noise by analyzing multiple readouts of each pixel and averaging them into one. Vibrant HDR Photos The ISOCELL HP1 combines crystal clear details with vivid colors that make your photos pop. This is possible thanks to the addition of cutting-edge technologies like Staggered HDR and Smart-ISO Pro. The former allows the image sensor to achieve a wide dynamic range of 100dB. A fast and efficient method of producing high dynamic range images, Staggered HDR captures frames at short, middle and long exposures to accurately expose shadows and highlights. It then merges those exposures into one image, so you can enjoy crisp, clear photos even in mixed-lighting scenarios. The ISOCELL HP1 also features Smart-ISO Pro, which takes Smart-ISO’s benefits a step further to enhance HDR video recording with sharper images and fewer motion artifacts. Focus at the Speed of Life To make it easier for users to capture fleeting moments, Samsung equipped the ISOCELL HP1 with fast and accurate autofocus. This is made possible thanks to the image sensor’s Double Super PD phase detection technology. Double Super PD technology contains twice as many autofocus pixels as Super PD. Those pixels are covered by AF micro-lenses that allow you to focus on fast-moving objects faster and capture stunning content. With its groundbreaking resolution and cutting-edge technologies, the ISOCELL HP1 offers users access to a whole new world of detail. Get the most out of any moment with an image sensor that’s designed for a new era of mobile photography.

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