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Not allowing even the slightest loss of light! Impenetrable Security “ISOCELL 2.0”

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작은 빛 손실도 허용하지 않는다! 철통 보안 ‘아이소셀 2.0’
작은 빛 손실도 허용하지 않는다! 철통 보안 ‘아이소셀 2.0’

Thanks to the evolving smartphone camera technology, we are now able to make everyday photos look like professional photo shoots. Today, we’ll be learning about ISOCELL 2.0, the technology that improves picture quality. What is the secret behind ISOCELL 2.0’s innovation that upgrades the performance of pixels in the image sensor? It reduces optical loss in each pixel with the color filter barriers. ISOCELL
아이소셀 2.0 - 픽셀간 격벽으로 간섭을 줄인다
아이소셀 2.0 - 픽셀간 격벽으로 간섭을 줄인다
ISOCELL is a technology that separates pixels with barriers to reduce color crosstalk, which is a light interference phenomenon between neighboring pixels. The color filter barriers were originally made of metal. The drawback of this metallic grid was that they absorb light, resulting in some optical loss. Impenetrable security without any light loss! ISOCELL 2.0
아이소셀 2.0 - 새어나가는 빛없는 철통보안
아이소셀 2.0 - 새어나가는 빛없는 철통보안
To compensate this problem, ISOCELL Plus technology was firstly developed. The barriers between the color filters were changed from metal to a new reflective material, reducing optical loss. Furthermore, the metal that was remained in the lower portion of the color filter barriers were all replaced with the new material for ISOCELL 2.0.
아이소셀 2.0 - 적용 이전이후 빛의 움직임
아이소셀 2.0 - 적용 이전이후 빛의 움직임
With ISOCELL 2.0, we can now minimize the light bleed that occurs near the color filter and increase the light sensitivity to get more vivid and clear photos. In other words, we can take ultra high-resolution photos and achieve more vivid and clear definition by putting more pixels into a single image sensor. Photos are called the art of light. We hope everyone can capture the beauty through the light in their photos with the ISOCELL 2.0, Samsung Electronics' innovative image sensor.

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