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Samsung Electronics Hosts “Samsung Future Tech Forum” in China

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Samsung Future Tech Forum Event hall
Samsung Future Tech Forum Event hall
On November 15, 2018, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. held the “Samsung Future Tech Forum” in Beijing, China, showcasing its “AI”-optimized component solutions that has emerged as a new IT paradigm, and set out to strengthen its competitiveness in the future component business. Hosted by Samsung Electronics’ regional office in China for Device Solutions Business, the first AI forum featured around 500 officials from global enterprises including Baidu, Xiaomi, Hikvision and AI technology-related startups in China. Samsung Electronics unveiled its high-tech solutions for products of its Memory Division, System LSI Division, and Foundry Division as well as those for display products of its subsidiary, Samsung Display Co., Ltd.. Samsung Electronics’ Memory Division presented its memory solutions that only Samsung Electronics can offer, including the “HBM2 DRAM” which will enable maximization of AI capabilities, the “256-GB DRAM module” optimized for next-generation big data and storage systems, and the “16-GB GDDR6 graphic DRAM”, one of the world’s fastest DRAMs. Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Division unveiled its Exynos9 (9820) with a significantly enhanced AI function and the high-spec, low-power mobile application processors. It also introduced a splendid array of image sensors with the “ISOCELL Plus” technology that uses a new material which will reduce light interference and allow high-quality photographs even with smaller-sized pixels. The Foundry Division of Samsung Electronics introduced the most recently developed 7-nm process technology, that utilizes the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, and its total solution for various AI’s. Foundry Division revealed that, through Samsung’s foundry ecosystem program, known as “SAFE (Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem)”, customers can further elevate their products to perfection and reduce the time required for product development. Samsung Display emphasized the role of display which will expand into the interface for communication between human and machines, in the hyper-connected society of interactive integration of AI-focused devices. Samsung Display also emphasized that its organic light-emitting technology (OLED)boasting its high quality, short response time and low power consumption will offer optimized solutions for the new applications created with AI, 5G, and IoT technologies. Larry Heck, senior vice president of Samsung Research America, Yin Shouyi, professor at Institute of Microelectronics at Tsinghua University, and Chen Tianshi, CEO of Chinese startup Cambricon, presented the latest AI technology trends and forecasts in their keynote speeches. In the panel discussion session that followed, many Chinese AI firms participated to seek the direction of AI industry’s advancement and emphasized that high-spec, high-efficiency component solutions are crucial elements in advancing the industry. “Innovative technologies including AI, 5G, IoT, autonomous driving and blockchain can bring fundamental changes to our lives,” said Choi Cheol, executive vice president and head of the Samsung Electronics’ regional office in China for Device Solutions Business, in his welcome speech for the event. “We hope the forum will help Chinese businesses discover various opportunities to work with Samsung on AI.” Through this forum, Samsung will establish close cooperation with various AI partners in China and continue to expand the demand of high-tech component solutions. About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, and memory, system LSI, foundry and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at

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