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EDA Alliance

Samsung Foundry offers a wide range of RTL-GDS¹ conversion-design-methodology documents and scripts (also known as “Foundry DM”). These tools allow our customers to dramatically increase design precision when using Samsung Foundry’s processes.

¹RTL-GDS: Register Transfer Level – Graphic Design System

Reference Flows

We Implement the Most Competitive Product Designs with Advanced DM and EDA Reference Flows

Samsung Foundry Design Methodology (DM) utilizes the company’s vast experience in product design to solve challenges that may occur across advanced processes. Using Foundry DM, customers can swiftly design superior products with widely proven scalability across global markets with optimized performance, power, and area (PPA).

In addition, the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) reference flows provided through the tool chain of EDA partners are certified through the SAFE-QEDA program, ensuring a design environment optimized for Samsung Foundry processes.

EDA Tools &

Flow Certification

EDA Tools and Flow Certification for Cutting-Edge Processes

Samsung Foundry collaborates with global EDA companies to supply industry-leading EDA tools and flow certifications for foundry process technologies. This lets customers who design cutting-edge semiconductor solutions to efficiently apply Samsung's advanced processes that power mobile, HPC, graphics processors, and hyperscale chips. It also serves to increase chip development speed, completeness, and productivity, going beyond technological limitations to create innovative solutions to expand into new markets.


SAFE-QEDA: A Comprehensive Program for EDA Tool Certification

Samsung Foundry provides enhanced EDA tools to customers through SAFE-QEDA, an accurate and in-depth EDA tool certification program. This helps customers minimize risks when adopting new process technologies and confirming that their designs and IPs meet process and packaging requirements, ensuring industry-leading chip design and robustness.

Application Specific Solutions


Optimal Design Solutions Based on Stringent Automotive Standards

As the global automotive industry races toward autonomous vehicles, modern cars are increasingly composed of more and more advanced electrical components. Developing automotive-dedicated System on Chip (SoC) designs offering high quality, reliability, and safety are essential. To meet these needs, Samsung Foundry provides DM, developed by processes certified to AEC-Q100 and IPs certified to ISO 26262, which are leading industry standards. Detailed information can be found in the relevant documentation.

the image about AEC-Q100

High Performance Computing

Class-Leading Solutions for HPC Design and Mass Production

HPC applications are expanding boundlessly. Accurate and robust system design methodology are required to overcome the vast and various technological challenges in the domains of Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI), Thermal Management, and Testability.

With optimized design flows and design infrastructure, Samsung Foundry uses its core EDA technology capabilities to help customers implement their HPC designs, reducing Turnaround Time (TAT) and ensuring chips work on the first use. For further information on HPC design flow or mass production, please reach out to your Samsung Foundry representative.

the image about interposer

Internet of Things (IoT)

Ultra-Low-Voltage Solutions for IoT Application Designs

IoT applications for smart cards, wireless sensors, hearables, wearables, and voice-controlled solutions require high-reliability and ultra-low-voltage designs. These designs must dramatically reduce energy consumption and ensure the operational reliability of IoT applications, while also dealing with changes in process, voltage, and temperature. Samsung Foundry offers ultra-low-voltage solutions that address these challenges, including various advanced design methods for high energy efficiency.

Advanced Methodology Consulting

2.5D/3D Design Solutions

Samsung Foundry MDI: A Sophisticated One-Stop Solution

Samsung Foundry provides Multi-Die Integration (MDI) design solution services, which ranges from design inception to product verification. What’s more, our optimized on/off chip design and analysis methodologies reduce TAT for complex 2.5D/3D designs and help to reduce customer costs.

the image about MDI Designer

Low Power & Heat Resistant Solutions

Applications such as mobile, IoT, and automotive have varying requirements for power, thermal management, and development costs. Across the board, Samsung Foundry offers low power and heat resistant solutions optimized to each application and product’s specifications to ensure customer success.

Power & Signal Integrity

Samsung Foundry provides a one-stop turnkey Power & Signal Integrity (PSI) solutions service that meets performance and power requirements. From consulting and basic PSI verification guidance to customer-defined platform PSI design guidance, we are fully committed to meeting our customers’ needs.

HPC PSI Images of out-of-the-box solutions

Test Methodology

Design for Testability (DFT) solutions, optimized for the Samsung Foundry process, meet the need for high-quality testing, cost reduction, and fast yield ramp-up. We lead the industry by providing customized DFT solutions for each application — including Automotive, HPC, IoT, and 5G — to solve current and future technological challenges in design, test, and yield.

Who we work with

Meet Our SAFE™ EDA Partners

  • Altair
  • Ansys
  • Arcas
  • Arteris
  • ASML
  • Cadence
  • Empyrean
  • Entasys
  • Excellicon
  • Shenzhen Hongxin Micro-Nano Technology Co., Ltd.
  • IC Manage
  • IROC Technologies
  • Keysight
  • KLA
  • Lorentz Solution
  • MunEDA
  • Phlexing
  • Primarius
  • Real Intent
  • Semitronix
  • Siemens
  • Synopsys
  • Xpeedic

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