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New Exynos symbol presents exciting possibilities for the future

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At first, the goal of Exynos processors was quite straightforward; smart and green. For nearly a decade, with that vision in mind, Samsung has been constantly introducing powerful yet energy-efficient processors that pushed the boundaries of smartphone performance. In April this year, a new chapter of mobile communication has begun with the launch of the 5G network, which will be a game changer at every level with ultra-fast enhanced Mobile Broadband, high reliability and low latency, and massive Machine-Type Communications. To fully anticipate the changes as well as respond to the unknown yet exciting future ahead, Exynos is powering forward with a renewed mission. Introducing Samsung Exynos’ new symbol and a new vision; Explore, Expand and Excel.
Image of Samsung Exynos
Image of Samsung Exynos
Symbol Design We envision a world where Exynos brings everyone and everything together for the new era of connected mobility. The brand symbol consists of square dots connected to each other that each represents an advanced new technology, persons or things linked together. The mesh of dots illustrates the innovative features and powerful performance Exynos will bring to various devices through technological convergence and boundless connectivity. The connected dots collectively form an image of a letter ‘X’ which portrays Exynos venturing out in all directions from the center, exploring new and cutting-edge technologies, further expanding its offerings to diverse solutions, and excelling in innovation for the upcoming era of intelligent connectivity. Explore Ground-Breaking Technologies As innovators, we strive to go beyond the present experience with the agility to understand the latest trends and bring the technologies to life. To deliver new experiences and features, Exynos will continue to stay at the cutting-edge and adopt new technologies such as the 7nm EUV process which enhances power and performance dramatically, NPUs for on-device intelligence and creative photography, advanced CPU and GPUs for powerful processing performance, and much more. Expand Boundaries From a wrist watches to cars, everything is becoming ‘smart’ today, requiring more powerful processing, faster and more reliable connectivity, enhanced on-device AI and more. To hold leadership and stay competitive in such a fast-changing environment, Exynos will further expand its offerings from current Exynos for smartphones, Exynos i series for IoT, and Exynos Auto for automotive, to areas such as robotics, smart home/cities, data centers, and more. Excel in the Changing Paradigm Powerful smartphones and 4G LTE’s fast mobile broadband speed have changed almost everything about the way we live, from how we communicate and play to the way we consume contents. Now, 5G NR technologies are about to bring another wave of changes that will have an enormous impact not only in the IT industry, but also on pretty much everyone and everything as it did with 4G. Through adoption of groundbreaking technologies such as intelligent NPUs and ultra-fast modems, and by supporting various smart devices, Exynos will be at the core of these changes bringing innovation that bring new adventures and experiences that will go beyond your imagination. Please visit and follow the Exynos LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with news on our mobile processors.