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  • I cannot launch the mobile Samsung Portable SSD app.

    The T7 Touch was developed for use with Windows OS and mac OS PCs and mobile devices. When connected to devices other than those, the T7 Touch may not be recognized or use of its features may be restricted depending on their level of support. Moreover, if you have enabled the Password Protection feature of the T7 Touch, you cannot enter your password from non-PC or non-mobile devices and thus will be unable to access data stored on the T7 Touch. Please disable the Password Protection feature before using the T7 Touch with such devices.

    For example, although a majority of the latest TVs allow users to access photo, music, and video files stored on external storage devices via the USB port, some TVs still do not support this feature.
    When connecting the T7 Touch to a TV, please check the following:
    ① Connect the T7 Touch to the TV‘s USB port and open the TV‘s menu to check whether it recognizes the T7 Touch.
    → If it fails to recognize the T7 Touch, please refer to the TV‘s user manual or contact its manufacturer to check whether USB devices are supported.

    ② If it recognizes the T7 Touch, check whether you can open video, music, and photo files stored on the T7 Touch via the TV.
    → If you cannot open files, check which file systems the TV supports for external storage devices. Note that the T7 Touch is formatted with the exFAT file system before shipment. If your TV supports a different file system, format your T7 Touch accordingly.

    ※ Formatting the T7 Touch will delete all data stored on it. Please back up your data beforehand.
    → If it meets the file system requirement, but you still cannot open video, music, or photo files, check which file extensions are supported by the TV. Some files cannot be opened if their file extensions are not supported by the TV.

    For more information about other devices, please refer to the user manuals of the relevant devices or contact their manufacturers.

  • Can I use the T7 Touch with PCs not running the Windows OS or mac OS?

    It is recommended that you use the T7 Touch with PCs running Windows 7 or later, mac OS X 10.10 or later, or mobile devices running the Android OS 5.1 or later. You may be able to use the T7 Touch with an OS and device not specified above if you disable the Password Protection feature. However, your use of the T7 Touch may be restricted depending on how well the OS or device is supported.
  • Can I use the T7 Touch with a TV or game console?

    Yes, you can. However, if you wish to use it on a device that does not support the Samsung Portable SSD Software 1.0, then you need to disable the Password Protection feature.




  • T7 Touch isn’t recognized by my PC.

    Please make sure that it is connected securely to the USB port. The USB port you are using may have an issue. Try connecting it to another USB port. If T7 Touch is connected securely to a USB port, but isn’t recognized by the system, contact the Service Center indicated on your User Manual or Samsung.com minisite (https://www.semiconductor.samsung.com/consumer-storage/support/service-center ).
  • The capacity of T7 Touch is displayed as 43.8MB or less.

    When you set and use a password before activating the T7 Touch, the default setting is to display the spaces allocated to security functions and the Samsung Portable SSD Software, which take up the capacity stated above

    Once you open the SamsungPortableSSD_Setup_Win_1.0.exe for Windows OS or SamsungPortableSSD_Setup_Mac_1.0.pkg for mac OS file on the T7 Touch_SETUP drive and activate it, you will be able to see the capacity specified for the product. To learn more about how to activate the T7 Touch, please refer to the “Using T7 Touch” section of the User Manual.
  • I just purchased a T7 Touch and some files are already stored on it.

    The Samsung Portable SSD Software is stored on the T7 Touch so that you can use the Password Protection feature. To learn more about the T7 Touch, please refer to the “Using T7 Touch” section of the User Manual.
  • The recognized capacity of my T7 Touch is smaller than the specified capacity.

    The capacity displayed on your PC may be different from the capacity specified on the product, depending on the format method, the partitioning of the drive as well as your computer system.

    ※ The capacity specified on the product is calculated as follows:
    1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes.
    1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.
    1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes.
  • My T7 (T7 Touch) takes a long time to transfer data.

    The maximum transfer speed that can be achieved by the T7 (T7 Touch) is 1,050MB/s on a PC that supports USB 3.2 Gen2 and UASP mode. However, transfer speeds may vary depending on the user‘s PC environment and the type of data being transferred.

    Please see below for possible causes (and solutions) for if you think your T7 (T7 Touch) is taking too long to transfer data:

    Scenario 1 (PC Environment)
    Your PC's USB Type C Port may only support USB 3.2 Gen 1 (same as USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1), and not support USB 3.2 Gen 2. If this is the case, your USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port could be causing a bottleneck and affecting the performance of your T7 (T7 Touch).

    Scenario 2 (Cable)
    If you are using a cable other than the one included in the product packaging, your T7 (T7 Touch) may not be performing optimally. This is because the internal resistance and maximum allowable current can vary depending on which type of cable you are using.

    Scenario 3 (DTG)
    The T7 (T7 Touch) is designed to smartly activate the DTG (Dynamic Thermal Guard) temperature function if it remains in use for a long time without pause. This allows the T7 (T7 Touch) to automatically slow down to allow itself time to cool when it reaches the DTG temperature threshold, enhancing safety and reliability by preventing the product from getting too hot. Try giving your T7 (T7 Touch) a short break and trying again.

    If the problem persists after following the above troubleshooting guidelines, please contact the authorized Samsung service center nearest you.
  • Do I need to format the T7 Touch before use?

    PSSD T7 Touch is formatted with the exFAT file system (compatible with macOS/Windows). You do not need to reset the T7 Touch before use. The system will recognize the T7 Touch automatically.
  • When the T7 Touch is idle, the motion LED suddenly turns on and it starts to work. Why does it do this?

    This is not a malfunction. The host device sometimes communicates with the T7 Touch in the background. The motion LED can be activated, even when you are inactive.
  • I find the names of the different USB specifications confusing.

    For those who are confused by the names of the differing USB specifications, we have grouped the USB versions into their different generations below:

    - SuperSpeed Plus USB = SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps = USB 3.2 Gen 2 = USB 3.1 Gen 2 = USB 3.1
    - SuperSpeed USB = SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps = USB 3.2 Gen 1 = USB 3.1 Gen 1 = USB 3.0
  • I lost the QSG (Quick Start Guide). Could you provide a new one?

    We cannot provide you with a new manual, but you can read a digital version of it online. Please visit the Samsung.com minisite, refer to T7 Touch user manual.
  • What is USB UASP mode?

    USB UASP mode (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) provides performance benefits for storage devices.
    Most chipsets released after 2011 support UASP mode.

    To verify whether your PC supports UASP mode, check that you are meeting the below requirements:
    1. The operating system you are using is Windows 8 or higher
    2. Your mainboard USB chipset supports UASP Mode
    3. Your form of storage supports UASP Mode (the T7 and T7 Touch support UASP Mode)
  • When playing video files on my Portable SSD T7 Touch (T7) using its fast-forward/rewind function, the video intermittently pauses.

    Connect your T7 Touch (T7) product to PC and install/run Portable SSD Software 1.0.

    Click the Update button to move to the update menu and click the refresh button on the right side to run the latest version of the firmware update.

    When installation is complete, disconnect your T7 Touch (T7) product from PC and then reconnect before use.

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