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Summer as a Samsung Intern

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I’ve always been fascinated with technology, and so coming in to my internship with Samsung, I was beyond excited to learn from a company that’s leading innovation at the top of the industry. Upon arrival – one of the first things my manager told me was, “ask away, there are no wrong questions.” That immediate encouragement illustrated to me the collaborative nature of Samsung and how much they cared about the learning experience we took away from the program. From being able to chat with senior-level executives to working on projects that had a company-wide impact, I’ve seen the culture of fostering innovation and growth carried on throughout my whole 12 weeks here. As a Marketing Communications intern, my work was focused mainly on shaping the content and messaging we convey to our audiences. My projects ranged from copywriting press releases sent from Korea, to editing displays for trade shows that I got to attend in Michigan, San Francisco, and Vegas. Through putting together research for my team’s presentations, I was able to get a deeper understanding of the Semiconductor industry and learn from professionals in the company. But what I loved about my whole experience is that no day was the same, and I was able to forge my own path in what I wanted my internship here to be. My team was supportive in letting me take charge on the tasks I found interest in, and excited in allowing me to innovate projects of my own. What made my experience especially memorable was the people I met along the way. Within my first couple of weeks, I developed friendships with my fellow interns that I know will last beyond our time here at Samsung. Moreover, I loved getting the chance to speak with managers, employees on other teams, senior executives, and even the President of DSA, through sparking conversations in the office and company events. Some of my favorite memories from the summer were the Samsung events I attended such as baseball games, lunch & learns, trade shows, and my personal favorite: our picnic at Great America. What I loved most about my time at Samsung is that I was constantly learning. Whether it be on digital transformations or ways to network in a large organization, I’ve found lessons in every experience, and have loved gaining a new perspective from seeing the tech industry behind the scenes. Thinking back to my first day, I can definitely see that I’ve grown in collaborating with others, executing tasks, and finding my way around the campus! I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I had this summer and look forward to furthering the skills I’ve learned and connections I’ve made. See some of our other interns from this summer’s intern video!

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