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A digital graphic image of the SAFE™ MDI Alliance with a background of high-tech electronic circuitry in blue tones.

SAFE™ MDI Alliance

Through a collaboration with SAFE™ Multi-Die Integration (MDI) Alliance, Samsung Electronics’ Foundry Business (Samsung Foundry) is building a more powerful ecosystem of 2.5D and 3D heterogeneous integration packaging.

By bringing together and aligning with EDA, IP, DSP, Memory, OSAT, Substrate, and Test, Samsung Foundry is able to offer a one-stop turnkey service for customers advancing cutting-edge packaging technology.

Through this alliance, customers and partners can achieve silicon and system level innovations while creating next-generation HPC, mobile, and automotive products.

  • DSP: Design Solution Partner
  • OSAT: Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test
  • HPC: High Performance Computing
Blus icons of SAFE™ Alliance's Foundry, EDA, IP, DSP and light blue icons of new partners' Memory, Substrate, and test.

Advantages for SAFE™ Multi-Die Integration Alliance Members

  • technology

    Members are given early access to Samsung Foundry’s unique, comprehensive family of advanced packaging technologies that includes 2.5D (I-Cube) and 3D (X-Cube).

  • solution

    Members can continue to develop technological innovations across fields such as chip design, memory modules, substrate technology, testing, manufacturing, and packaging.

  • topic

    Members are provided with co-marketing opportunities at the Samsung Foundry Forum (SFF) and SAFE™ Forum.

Close-up view of an electronic chip in the center of a circuit board with blue neon light and glowing connections.

EDA & IP Partners

EDA & IP partners can quickly utilize Multi-Die Integration technologies in developing EDA tools, as well as 2.5D and 3D IC IP.
Hands and tools of an engineering team discussing over a blueprint spread out on a brightly lit table.

Design Solution Partners (DSP)

Design Solution Partners (DSP) can strengthen service capabilities for design and IP integration through collaboration with mutual customers from an early stage when aligning Multi-Die Integration technologies with Samsung Foundry.
Graphic with blue LED lights highlighting the structure of a semiconductor chip and its circuits

Memory Partners

Memory partners can collaborate with Samsung Foundry in early stage to get our engineering and technical support to meet with customer needs. This enables partners to promptly reflect 3D IC design requirements for a quick market penetration for future HBM generations.
A group of scientists in a lab, collaboratively discussing over a tablet.

OSAT & Substrate Partners

OSAT & Substrate partners can collaborate with Samsung Foundry on technology in early stage and conduct related development to meet future requirements of Multi-Die Integration technologies.
A robotic arm performing precise tasks in a high-tech lab setting.

Testing Partners

Testing partners can develop general tests, as well as test stress methodologies for Multi-Die Integration technologies through early collaboration with Samsung Foundry. Comprehensive services for product reliability and quality-related requirements are provided, helping customers launch their products in a timely manner.
SAFE™ MDI Alliance Members
SAFE™ MDI Alliance Members
SAFE™ MDI Alliance Members
Logos of SAFE™ MDI Alliance Members

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