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Powering automotive

Samsung Foundry is driving innovation with automotive-ready solutions requiring high performance, with auto reliability, for
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
(ADAS), Autonomous Driving (AD) and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI).

Samsung Foundry is playing a major role in the transformation of the automotive industry with its high-performance platform solutions from process technology to automotive development flows/methodology to IP enablement and package development.

ADAS system Samsung connected cars
the road


rule the road

Connected and autonomous vehicles are revolutionizing the automotive industry.
From breakthroughs in advanced driver technology to cutting-edge infotainment systems,
the era of smart and seamless driving is here.

Autonomous driving

The automotive industry is going through a major transformation. ADAS features, supporting SAE Levels 2, 3, and 4 of vehicle automation and employing vehicle to everything (V2X) communications, are enabling safe travel and are leading the way to full SAE Level 5 autonomous driving (AD). Given many of these applications are also safety-critical, our semiconductors meet the intrinsic reliability needed for the 15+ years average lifetime of a passenger vehicle.

Image and graphics processing

Samsung Foundry’s automotive solutions offer next-generation image processing and computer vision features and capabilities. Advances in the digital cockpit and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) technology will deliver a more compelling driver and passenger experience.

Platform solutions

Samsung Foundry is playing a major role in the transformation of the automotive industry with its high-performance platform solutions — from process technology to automotive development flows/
methodology to IP enablement and package development.

ADAS & Infotainment

Samsung ADAS solutions empower drivers to navigate a wide range of road conditions while
providing the connectivity needed to drive immersive
in-vehicle infotainment systems.

  • Image sensors

    Enhancing driver safety and low light visibility with high-quality automotive image sensors

  • ADAS

    Advanced driver assistance solutions for autonomous driving and vehicle-to-everything communications

  • Infotainment

    Immersive infotainment experience with powerful graphics processing and quick response

Safe, reliable and high-quality ADAS and IVI applications

We understand that developing automotive solutions are different than commercial solutions. We have the safety mindset, the automotive processes (IATF 16949, AEC-Q100, ISO 26262, and others), Automotive Service Packaging (ASP), the automotive ecosystem, and the engineering expertise to be your next automotive chip design and manufacturing partner.

Process nodes

Domain Application 14LPU 8LPP
ADAS Camera Module checked checked
Radar Module checked checked
LIDAR & Laser Module checked checked
ADAS Domain Controller checked
IVI Head Unit checked checked
Instrument Cluster checked
Telematics checked
IVI Domain Controller checked checked

Finding the right FinFET process technology

Samsung Foundry has developed a portfolio of FinFET-based automotive process nodes to address ADAS and Infotainment applications. These technologies will have the intrinsic reliability required to satisfy these automotive applications. Contact Samsung Foundry to learn about the right automotive solutions for your application.


Automotive design enablement

Automotive process nodes, with their automotive design enablement (PDKs, DRM with SPICE, aging models, EM
models, etc.) and automotive IPs, are developed from the ground up to meet quality, reliability and safety

Automotive IP

Functional Safety (FuSa):
ISO 26262 ASIL Ready IP
High Reliability: Stringent AEC-Q100
temperature requirements

Function LPDDR5/4/3 MIPI-M/UFS MIPI-C/D HDMI2.1 PCle4/3 USB2/3 GB Ethernet Analog Security
Display/HUD checked checked checked checked checked checked checked checked checked
ADAS/AI checked checked checked checked checked checked checked checked
V2X checked checked checked checked checked


  • Thermal extremes

    Packaging option reliable in
    thermal extremes

  • Electromagnetic interference

    Resistant against electromagnetic

  • Constant vibration

    Strong enough to withstand 15+
    years of constant vibration

A variety of
packaging options

Robust and reliable packaging is critical to enable automotive ICs to operate in the harsh automotive environments of thermal extremes, electromagnetic interference and constant vibration for the expected 15-year life of the vehicle.

  • WLP Grade 3
  • FOWLP Grade 3
  • WB-FBGA Grade 3
  • FC-FBGA Grade 3
  • FC-PBGA Grade 3
  • MCM Grade 3

A robust packaging portfolio

Automotive package types include wafer level packaging (WLP/FOWLP), ball grid array (FBGA, PBGA, FC-FBGA, FC-PBGA), lead frame packaging and packaging for modules.

SAFE™ partners

Samsung Foundry has partnered with key industry leaders to enable
automotive IP to achieve ASIL & AEC-Q100 qualifications.

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