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What is SAFE™ IP
partner program

The SAFE™ IP partner program is the key part of Samsung
Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE™) aiming to
create a strong ecosystem between Samsung Foundry and IP partners,
to provide diverse IP portfolios in various application fields,
based on customers' requirements.

  • Register our partners’ IP to CONNECT™

    Register our partners' IP to CONNECT™, Samsung Foundry B2B system, with a well-defined IP taxonomy for easy IP identification and access.

  • Easy promotion and marketing

    Provide a special IP tagging system that helps easy monitoring and supervision of our IP partners'IP manufacturing status thus enabling easy promotion and marketing.

  • SAFE Quality Control program

    Offer a unique SAFE Quality Control Program(SAFE-QCP™) that provides IP-specific sign-off criteria and qualification metrics for a robust and reliable IP design. This program is exclusively designed to help customers obtain their desired IP quality, thus helping them to select the right IP.

Best-in-class IP for your highly intensive performance and computing platforms

Samsung foundry provides a broad portfolio of best in class IPs optimized for your performance needs. Our portfolio consists of dedicated as well as foundation IPs designed for your performance-intensive applications. Furthermore our foundation IP is optimized to best meet your performance needs.

Samsung Foundry's Portfolio of Optimized HPC IPs

    • High performance
    • Low Latency
    • Optimized power/energy
    • Multi-protocol (MP) SERDES
    • D2D
    • PCIe
    • Ethernet
    • LPDDR
    • DDR
    • GDDR
    • HBM
    • Chip to Chip (C2C): CXL, CCIX
    • Die to Die (D2D): Serial & Parallel
IP 14nm/11nm 10/8nm 5nm 4nm
Interface SerDes checked checked checked checked
D2D checked checked checked
PCle checked checked checked checked
Ethernet checked checked checked checked
Adv. Memory LPDDR checked checked checked checked
DDR checked checked checked checked
GDDR checked checked checked checked
HBM checked checked checked checked
Analog IP checked checked checked checked
SRAM, TCAM checked checked checked checked

To be a SAFE™-IP Partner

Please fill in the application form and send it to SAFE-IP administrator.

Download application form
Who we work with

Meet our IP partners

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  • imagination logo
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