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More chips are better as one,

Advanced Heterogeneous Integration

Advanced Heterogeneous Integration brings the best of today’s chips to bear in one unified system – bringing power and diversity for a chipset that’s deeply efficient, highly adaptable, and simpler for production.

2.5D Package: I-Cube™ & H-Cube™

I-Cube™ deploys parallel horizontal chip placement to boost performance while combating heat build-up. Samsung’s Through Silicon Via ( TSV ) and Backend-of-the-line ( BEOL ) technologies form a foundation for two or more chips to harmonize their specialized functions, becoming more than the sum of their parts to deliver powerful solutions for modern devices. I-Cube™ is available in I-CubeS™ and I-CubeE™ derivatives based on the interposer type.

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3D IC: X-Cube™

3D IC packages boost performance even further by using much shorter interconnect wire lengths by stacking components vertically, enabling ultra-high vertical interconnect density with lower parasitics while saving massive amounts of on-chip real estate. 3D IC: X-Cube™ technology dramatically reduces yield risks from large monolithic dies, with 3D Integration that enables high system performance with lower cost while retaining high bandwidth and low power.

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3D IC: X-Cube™

Package Turnkey Service

Build your way with end-to-end packaging solutions

Your products are as unique as the chips that power them. Samsung Foundry delivers precision at every stage of the chip making process. With end-to-end solutions, it brings your chip design to life from design to fabrication and packaging, and all the way to testing.

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Performance & power optimized technologies for
monolithic or heterogeneous designs


Rich Eco-System of
High-Performance IP

Advanced Process


Economies of scale & scope
built on flexible business models combine with platform
to create integrated solutions


Design & Integration


Assembly & Test

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