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How fast will a computer get by using SSD 870 EVO, a cheat code that improves computer speed?

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In January, Samsung Electronics released the SSD 870 EVO for client PC that is optimized for improving computer speed. On top of superior performance and endurance, it is also equipped with powerful compatibility. It satisfies various consumer groups from desktop users, laptop users to NAS (Network Attached Storage) users. Will a slow computer really become faster simply with the 870 EVO? If you have a computer that takes a long time to boot, this is for you! SSD, a cheat code that improves computer speed!
Before we look into the 870 EVO, here is the features of SSD. SSD is a data storage device that uses memory semiconductors as the storage medium. SSD is better than HDD in every way, not only because of its speed but also in size, weight, sound, heat, power efficiency, and endurance. Above all, with its affordable price, SSD is a very efficient way to upgrade an old PC. It can go right where the HDD was. It is much easier to install the SSD than you’d think! How different is it in terms of speed? First, let’s try replacing the HDD with the SSD in a laptop.
SSD 870 EVO 설치중
SSD 870 EVO 설치중
The first step is to open up the back side of the PC. Then, carefully remove the hard disk (HDD), which is one of the causes of a slow computer.
SSD 870 EVO 설치중
SSD 870 EVO 설치중
Next, place the SSD right where the hard disk used to be. Lastly, assemble the PC back and the SSD is now installed. The important part here is to copy the data that was on the hard disk onto the SSD in advance. This will be easily done through Samsung Electronics’ migration program. You can even copy the whole Windows OS, so there’s no need to install Windows separately. How much faster will the PC become after installing the 870 EVO?
SSD 870 EVO 설치 후 결과 확인
SSD 870 EVO 설치 후 결과 확인
Voila! The SSD is now installed. After switching the HDD to the 870 EVO (1TB), the computer’s boot time was cut down by one third from 29 seconds to 10 seconds. Additionally, the results of the benchmark test to check the SSD performance showed that the writing and reading speed of data also improved significantly. Sequential reading/writing speed increased by 6.7–9 times, and random reading/writing speed increased by 178–347 times.
SSD 870 EVO 설치 후 결과 데이터
SSD 870 EVO 설치 후 결과 데이터

(These numbers may differ depending on the device and specifications.)

Today, we looked at the SSD 870 EVO for client PC that can improve the speed of a slow PC. You could experience a significant change in speed simply by using the EVO for client PC, without having to switch to the PRO for professional users. Why don’t you upgrade your PC with the 870 EVO now?

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