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How Samsung Supported Key Consumer Trends in 2023

Over the last year, our innovations pushed the boundaries in consumer-facing technologies like storage, automotive, mobile photography, and connectivity. Here's how.

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From empowering next-gen vehicles to revolutionary new capabilities in smartphone cameras, Samsung Semiconductor’s latest innovations will touch the day-to-day lives of millions of consumers in 2023. As we approach the year ahead, here’s an overview of just a few of the major consumer-facing areas our semiconductor innovations impacted in 2023. Consumer Storage: In 2023, consumers demanded faster, slimmer, more durable and more power-efficient storage options than ever before... and Samsung Semiconductor delivered. With the 990 PRO, we delivered a first amongst consumer SSDs: a 4TB capacity that fits onto a single-side M.2 form factor. In addition, we expanded our line of portable SSDs with the new ultra-fast T9 and the 8TB T5 EVO, which is the highest capacity currently available in this form factor. Learn more about our consumer storage offerings. Automotive: With the growth and potential of electric and autonomous vehicles, 2023 was a great year for Samsung Semiconductor to reveal its vision of revolutionizing the road ahead for automotive. At IAA 2023, one of the world's largest auto shows, we highlighted our latest automotive semiconductor innovations, including the advanced Exynos Auto V920 automotive SoC and ISOCELL 1H1 with CornerPixel™ technology vision sensors for advanced driver visibility, as well as automotive memory solutions designed to meet the rapidly growing data processing need of autonomously driving vehicles like GDDR7, UFS 3.1 and Automotive SSD. Learn more about how when it comes to automotive, Samsung Semiconductor is revolutionizing the road ahead Mobile Photography: Increasingly, the annual improvements made in the image sensor are the marquee upgrades smartphone makers use to market the capabilities of their latest models. With the ISOCELL HP2 and HP3, Samsung Semiconductor delivered the next big thing in smartphone photography and videography: an ultra-high resolution 200MP sensor with advanced remosaic technology that bridges the divide between the capabilities of wide and telephoto smartphone cameras. Read about why telephoto camera sensors like the ISOCELL HP2 are the next big thing in mobile photography. Connectivity: With devices smarter than ever before, Samsung Semiconductor has continued to work on new semiconductor innovations to enable advanced connectivity. In 2023, we unveiled our first ultra-sideband (UWB) Exynos Connect u100, which combines sophisticated ranging and positioning capabilities with strong security to enable hyper-connectivity across mobile, automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Learn more about Exynos Connect u100.

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