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Redefining Storage Efficiency in the Financial Services Sector (Part 1)

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Millions of transactions are made in stock, hedge and futures trading every second of a market day, while billions of dollars often ride on how fast trade requests can be processed. The same can be said for web and retail transactions. As the volume of financial data continues to grow exponentially, real-time storage systems strive to keep pace with fast-changing transaction-processing requirements. Samsung, I’m proud to say, has been leading the storage industry in this regard. For years, we have been redefining storage for most real-time applications from HPC systems to social media data processing, and recently have set new benchmarks for outstanding performance in financial services. Our latest introductions in high-capacity solid state drives (SSDs) like the PM1725a and low latency Z-SSDs (SZ985) are crucial for enabling data systems to meet or exceed the performance and capacity requirements needed in marketplaces where real-time responsiveness is crucial. Now, we’ve taken an important step to benchmark our premium storage offerings for the financial services sector through what is considered a key technology performance measure for financial service data managers. The audited results demonstrate the superior aspects and competitiveness of our devices as measured by the STAC-M3 benchmark suite. STAC-M3 has become an industry standard for testing systems and components that enable high-speed analytics for time series data, as well as for “tick database” stacks (stacks of data that reflect every change in a market from trade to trade). We have integrated our PM1725a and SZ985 SSDs with time-series computing software fromKX Systems and a Dell 940 PowerEdge server to create platforms that can resolve virtually any financial storage challenge. They can, with the utmost speed and efficiency, analyze time-series data in even the most sophisticated automated trading systems around the world. Last week, we released two sets of audited results from STAC-M3, one pertaining to the PM1725a and the other, the SZ985 Z-SSD. The PM1725a represents the industry’s highest capacity storage solution, while the SZ985 enables ultra-low latency solutions. To learn just how well we did, please read more details in Part 2 of our strong showing in the audited STAC reports for Samsung storage drives.

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