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Redefining Storage Efficiency in the Financial Services Sector (Part 2)

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Last week, we wrote about the importance of independent findings published late last month by highly respected STAC-M3, for use in the financial services sector. Now, we are following up with some highlights of those findings. In nine STAC-M3 mean response-time benchmarks, the STAC-M3 benchmark analysis showed the Samsung PM1725a to be equal or better than the top result from the other leading vendors (whose storage solutions also have been examined by STAC). Note that the majority of benchmarked transactions were completed within an extremely brief, well-defined time-frame. This highly desired capability is referred to as maximum response times (or the end of the tail latency). The STAC report (Ref. 1.) shows that the PM1725a has lower max response times in 12 benchmarks and other performance advantages compared to leading competitive solutions in STAC’s extensive series of audited reports. Performance analysis of the SZ985 drive was equally compelling. For the industry’s most efficient low-latency Z-NAND SSD, results show that the SZ985 delivers equal or better response times in seven benchmarks, compared to published results of similar STAC testing of a major competitor using similar storage technology. Furthermore, the SZ985 was equal or better in 13 mean response-time benchmarks when compared to the PM1725a, further demonstrating how the low latency benefits of this drive translate to application level benefits. To give some key examples, STAC-M3 Report KDB180418b shows that the Samsung PM1725a surpasses the other well-known storage solution provider for this market in some highly important measures. Particularly noteworthy, the PM1725a is 1.8x faster in processing critical timed transaction bid data (monthly and weekly) than the other well-known competitor and 1.7x faster in handling volume bids as noted, using a single-thread process, than the same competitor. In addition, STAC-M3 Report KDB180418a found that the Samsung SZ985 was 1.5x faster in processing financial statistics at unpredictable intervals in a single-thread process than its major competition, and 1.4x faster for a typical financial multi-thread process (whether aggregated or at unpredictable intervals). The results are I/O read-intensive. With these audited reports, for the first time, financial services providers can compare the performance of Samsung PM1725a and SZ985 SSD against other high-end storage solutions on the market today. The PM1725a NVMe SSD delivers industry-leading performance for very high capacity (up to 6.4TB) applications, while the SZ985 has proven to make the greatest difference in storage systems where ultra-low response time is a key requirement. This is just one more way we at Samsung are showing how our high-value, high performance storage technology is second to none. If you’re in the financial services sector or advising financial services clients, check out the new STAC-M3 findings (you will have to register with STAC) or call us and we will answer any of your questions – the reports are persuasive real-time testament to our ongoing commitment to storage excellence. References 1. STAC Results used for comparison

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