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Raising the
safety bar
with the
safety academy

Building human-centric safety management practices with
our partners

Welcome to the
safety academy
for Samsung
Semiconductor’s partners and
their employees

Welcome to the
safety academy
for Samsung
Semiconductor’s partners and
their employees

Samsung Semiconductor operates a dedicated department that focuses on partner environmental safety management support. In 2020, we carried out periodic environmental safety assessments at 511 of our key partners, which were followed up with consulting services for the partners that we found needed improvement.

Our partners’ safety
our safety

The assessments revealed that 36 of our partners were highly vulnerable to risk and needed urgent change in how they manage on-site health and safety. To help those partners raise their environmental safety management standards, we provided consulting tailored to each of the partner’s environments. As a result, they saw significant improvement in 373 areas including periodic training, risk assessments and environmental contaminant management.

Samsung Semiconductor also offers professional environmental safety training to our partners through the Environmental Safety Academy. The courses are designed to raise awareness of the importance of environmental safety across the supply chain and help our partners and their employees create a strong health and safety-conscious work environment.

From 2019 to 2020,
up to 230,000
employees attended the
environmental safety

A spacious five-story
building for partner
employees to receive
advanced training

The Environmental Safety Academy is situated on the outskirts of Seoul near our Giheung/Hwaseong sites and offers different types of innovative health and safety training in a large five-story building.

The building is large enough to offer a mix of training methods and amenities, from classrooms, VR experience rooms and a musculoskeletal center to rest areas, providing ample space for both lecture-type and on-hands learning. In addition to training courses, the academy offers seminars for partner CEOs as well as mindfulness sessions for managing stress.

“To build a forward-thinking
environmental safety system,
we need health and
safety management to shift
to a human-centered paradigm”

- Park Chanhoon, Executive Vice President of
Global Infrastructure
at Samsung Electronics

By offering not just technical training but also leadership courses and mindfulness sessions at the Samsung Semiconductor Environmental Safety Academy, we aim to create a human-centered paradigm for health and safety management.

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