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Top Attractions at ‘Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum 2018’

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Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum (SMSF) 2018 organized at New Delhi, India was the fourth consecutive and successful forum on mobile device solutions wherein the company highlighted its latest products in mobile device management. Technology today is intrinsically entwined into our day to day lives. We are often attached to our mobile devices such as smartphones, tabs, laptops and smart gear but we seldom think about the technology and components that enable these devices to do what they do. It is because of these advanced technologies at the chipset level that these devices are capable of providing revolutionary experiences to users all across the world. In this year’s Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum, under the catchphrase, “Together Toward Tomorrow”, Samsung spoke about the exciting journey of their innovative mobile components business and also shared its vision for India’s promising smartphone market.
Image of someone is giving a keynote speech at SMSF
Image of someone is giving a keynote speech at SMSF

“At Samsung, we strongly believe that success is a team effort that involves all our stakeholders and as we move forward in our journey in the hugely promising market we would be excited to strengthen our existing associations and forge new alliances,” said, Abhishyek Gupta, Director, System LSI Device Solutions business. Industry experts including global mobile manufacturers, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) companies, component partners, media and analysts attended the forum and were encouraged to collaborate on ways to tread within India’s exciting mobile landscape. The comprehensive portfolio of Samsung’s component solutions, which were highlighted at SMSF, included products from Samsung’s System LSI and Memory businesses. Keeping in the Indian consumers’ needs and requirements in mind, Samsung showcased several state-of-the-art solutions. From technologies behind super slow-motion cameras to image stabilizers, and exceptional memory capacity as well as superior data transfer speeds, all these and much more were showcased. Here are the top attractions from Samsung Mobile Solution Forum [SMSF] 2018: Memory Solutions Samsung’s premium memory solutions displayed at SMSF 2018 included the most advanced technologies with large capacities and fast data transfer speeds. Among the memory solutions were LPDDR5-based DRAM, which will set the stage for 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered mobile applications.
Image of Memory Solution Booth
Image of Memory Solution Booth

ISOCELL Image Sensors ISOCELL Plus, one of the latest pixel isolation technologies from Samsung, uses an innovative new material that allows 15 percent higher light sensitivity and better color fidelity. ISOCELL Bright harnesses both Dual Pixel and Tetrapixel technologies, allowing users experience high-quality images in all light conditions with faster and more accurate auto focus.
Image of System LSI Booth
Image of System LSI Booth

ISOCELL Plug and Play simplifies the camera module development and optimization process for mobile manufacturers by providing a turnkey module, made up of an ISOCELL sensor and other primary elements from preferred partners, pre-tuned for VCX-standard image quality. Manufacturers can simply plug the module into a device, saving up to four months of development time. Exynos Lineup The Exynos series is Samsung’s family of mobile processors that enable richer user experiences with superb processing power, efficiency and connectivity, as well as robust computing and graphic performance for multitasking, multimedia, 3D games. The Exynos 7 Series 9610 includes a special vision-image processor that consists of a DSP and neural network engine. Also showcased were Exynos Modem 5100, Exynos 9610 and Exynos 7 7905. IoT (Internet of Things) Samsung’s Exynos iS111 is an IoT solution especially for narrowband applications. The solution includes a modem, processor, memory and GNSS into a single chip design to enhance efficiency and flexibility for connected device manufacturers.
Image of Solutions for IoT Booth
Image of Solutions for IoT Booth

Samsung ARTIK, a smart IoT platform, is a pre-integrated, production-ready IoT SoM (System-on-Modules) with processor, memory, pre-certified radios, software and security solutions. Samsung’s IoT solutions deliver fast and seamless in-device interactivity. Samsung’s easy, convenient and secure NFC (Near Field Communication) chips offer seamless integrated and focused on power transfer between point-of-sale terminals, smart watches and other mobile devices that consumers use on a day to day basis. * Technological term of 'Tetrapixel' was updated in July 2022

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