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Tiny tech turns out to be more meaningful than ever

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Where do I begin? We’re all in information and emotion overload. Sorting out this new normal, keeping up with county and state advisories, checking on our parents and becoming teachers for our kids can make us feel maxed out. A few weeks ago I was thrilled about the opportunity to write about our Samsung ISOCELL image sensor announcement and what it means to the everyday user. Now, that feels like ages ago. As I grab a cup of coffee and take a mental break to scroll through social media, more and more examples of virtual connection appear everywhere. Home concerts, live story times, and homeschooling gone wrong videos spread joy, not germs. Impromptu video chats from loved ones replace daily in person interactions. Feels like everyone should view at least one hilarious TikTok or YouTube video daily to provide a much needed virtual escape from the unprecedented times we’re living in. All these virtual moments help us stay together when we must be apart. And there it is, that’s the connection. The ISOCELL announcement made a few weeks ago translates into something more meaningful than ever. The details explain how our next-generation image sensor allows brighter and more detailed 108Mp photographs and crystal-clear 8K videos at 24 frames per second (fps), even in extreme lighting conditions. That’s a big deal, and what it means for all of us is that it enables the average user to capture amazing video to share with millions of people. The quality we carry in our pockets actually exceeds what professional studios had in the not so distant past. Tiny image sensors, like Samsung’s new 108Mp ISOCELL HM1, are having a big impact on our lives. They’re making clearer, brighter, bigger than life images and videos. Strengthening our connections through social distancing, more realistic video makes us feel like our loved ones are in the living room, our friends are at the dinner table, teachers are by our side, and fans are at celebrities sinks as they participate in #safehands video challenges across the globe. It’s amazing to realize this tiny tech is a big part of what’s helping us get through this together and have a little bit of fun along the way. Break time is over and I need to log on to a virtual team meeting. Thank goodness for filters and virtual backgrounds, no one has to see me or my messy house in crystal clear video today! How are innovations in technology making you feel more connected?

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