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This or That? Yes!

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Have you ever asked someone if they want “this” or “that” and they reply, “yes”? They think they’re so clever, they want both options. It usually invokes a dad-joke-laugh and a snarky, “you can’t have both!” I imagine a team of these clever folks are behind the latest Samsung ISOCELL developments. When confronted with the option of extremely detailed images with ultra-high resolutions, or bigger pixels for bright results in low-light environments they said, yes! This is a dream come true for people who are obsessed with capturing crisp, clear photos on their smart phones and hate deciding between two great things. Can’t stay steady in a rush to capture the moment? Trying to photograph a moving object? Can’t turn on more lights as you sneak up on a drooling friend or sweet slumbering baby? No problem! Now, we can have it all. By taking light sensitivity up a notch and pairing a powerful auto-focusing solution, the GN1 image sensor can focus quickly even in the dark. We can say yes, to brighter AND sharper pictures! Bringing Dual Pixel and Tetrapixel technologies together is the latest example of Samsung’s image sensor solutions introducing features we can’t live without. What other great combos have solved the dilemma of picking between two options? Not that long ago we had to decide between gaming or streaming, laptop or tablet, station wagon or utility vehicle. As I enjoy my iced mocha, my next decision is, what musical collaboration to stream next. Jay-Z and Linkin Park, Maroon 5 and Cardi B, or BTS and Halsey? What “this” or “that” do you wish you could say yes to? * Technological term of 'Tetrapixel' was updated in July 2022

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