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The Next Step in Image Sensor Technology: Samsung’s ISOCELL JN1

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Technological advances generally fall into two categories: improved product performance, or smaller size. Samsung’s ISOCELL JN1 exceeds in both. The 50MP JN1 is the industry’s first 0.64-μm pixel mobile image sensor. Using combined pixel technology to reduce chip size, while enhancing light sensitivity and phase detection capabilities, while sized for both front and back-facing cameras, the ISOCELL JN1 is Samsung’s most versatile image sensor to date.
Improved low-light performance Top-of the line image sensor performance starts with the JN1’s application of enhanced ISOCELL 2.0 technology, increasing overall light sensitivity by about 16%. Samsung’s JN1 makes use of four-to-one pixel binning technology called Tetrapixel. Tetrapixel merges four adjacent pixels (each measuring 0.64μm) into one 1.28μm pixel, quadrupling light sensitivity, reducing noise, and enabling brighter photographs of 12.5MP.
Maintaining detail in high-contrast shots For capturing images in high-contrast situations without clipping or crushing details, JN1 uses Samsung’s Smart ISO technology. Smart ISO uses Low ISO mode in bright environments to retain detail and highlights, and High ISO in low-light environments to reduce readout noise. Using Smart ISO, the JN1 also offers inter-scene high dynamic range (HDR) in mixed-light settings by creating two separate readouts: one in Low ISO mode and one in High. The two readouts are then merged to create an image that includes the best of both worlds.
Fast auto focus in poor lighting For auto focus, Samsung upped its game from its current Super PD technology with Double Super PD. The Samsung JN1 uses Double Super PD, which features twice the density of pixels (1/16). It offers the same auto-focus capabilities found in Super PD, but is able to do so in environments with 60% lower light levels. To put the cherry on top, the JN1 runs up to 4k resolution video at 60fps and full HD at 240fps.
Smaller package for a wider range of applications In its small 1/2.76-inch optical package that retains compatibility with 1/2.8-inch products, the JN1 can be used with ultra-wide or telephoto cameras, in addition to standard wide cameras and smartphones. The JN1’s petite size will allow manufacturers to reduce the height of the camera module by about 10%, reducing bulge and allowing for sleeker, cleaner camera and smartphone designs. ISOCELL JN1 is the next step in image sensor technology, poised to take the next generation of mobile devices to a new level.

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