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A look at Samsung Semiconductor’s CES 2019 Innovation Award winners

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CES is the world’s largest consumer electronics show, and the 2019 event was held in Las Vegas, U.S. on January 8th. At CES 2019, Samsung Electronics was named a Best of CES Winner twice, winning a total of 30 “CES Innovation Awards”. Leading the industry through innovative products and technologies, Samsung Electronics has won more than 400 “CES Innovation Awards” over the past 13 years.
2019 CES혁신상
2019 CES혁신상

Five of these awards were won by the DS Division, three for memory products and two for LED products. In memory, the winners were ▲ Samsung’s “256GB 3DS DDR4 RDIMM” modules, the fastest and highest density memory module in the industry; ▲the 3.84TB NVMe Z-SSD “SZ1733” for supercomputers; and ▲ the “512GB eUFS” for premium smartphones. The award-winning LED products were ▲ the “LM302S” LED lighting solution designed to improve biorhythm and sleep quality; and ▲ the “SSM-U series” smart lighting sensor modules employing radar technology for better detection sensitivity and usability. Leading innovation in the semiconductor market: Samsung Electronics’ premium memory solutions The Memory Division at Samsung Electronics is a memory semiconductor market technology leader, winning some 27 CES Innovation Awards over the past decade. We would like to introduce the premium memory semiconductor solutions that were the stars of the show at this year’s “CES 2019” event.
▲삼성전자의 차세대 데이터센터용 '256GB 3DS DDR4 RDIMM
▲삼성전자의 차세대 데이터센터용 '256GB 3DS DDR4 RDIMM

▲Samsung Electronics’ “256GB 3DS DDR4 RDIMM” for next-generation data centers

Samsung Electronics’ “256GB 3DS DDR4 RDIMM” is the world’s first 3,200Mbps memory module featuring 16Gb DDR4 DRAM chips stacked in a quadruple layer structure. The module provides an optimum solution for next-generation data centers and AI platforms. By using 10nm process 16Gb DDR4 DRAM chips, the highest-capacity chips in the industry, the new modules have doubled the capacity of conventional “128GB RDIMM” modules and improved power consumption by 30%. ※ 3DS (Three Dimensional Stacking) RDIMM (Registered Dual In-Line Memory Module): Server DRAM modules harnessing 3D silicon stacking and connecting technology to maximize operating speeds These accolades mark Samsung Electronics’ 5th consecutive year winning the CES Innovation Award in the PC segment for a memory product, and mark the industry recognition of our “super-gap” market leadership in 10nm premium DRAM technology.
▲삼성전자의 프리미엄 스마트폰용 '512GB eUFS
▲삼성전자의 프리미엄 스마트폰용 '512GB eUFS

“The 512GB eUFS” is Samsung Electronic’s internal memory card solution for premium smartphones, and is the world’s first mass-produced 512GB internal smartphone memory solution. The package features and 8-chip stack of high-performance 64-layer 512-gigabit V-NAND flash memory chips with a dedicated controller. This effectively doubles the data storage capacity of previous-generation 256GB products featuring 8-chip stacks of 48-layer 256Gb V-NAND flash memory, while keeping the package size identical. This was the product for which the Samsung Electronics DS Division won the CES Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle AV segment, demonstrating the company’s ability to create new storage markets beyond the mobile market.
▲ 삼성전자의 슈퍼컴퓨터용 3.84TB NVMe Z-SSD 'SZ1733'
▲ 삼성전자의 슈퍼컴퓨터용 3.84TB NVMe Z-SSD 'SZ1733'

▲ Samsung Electronics’ “SZ1733” 3.84TB NVMe Z-SSD for supercomputers

The new “3.84TB NVMe Z-SSD” for next-generation supercomputers won the CES Innovation Award for Eco-Design & Sustainable Technologies. Samsung Electronics received the same award in 2011, 2013, and 2015 for its industry-leading speed and capacity DRAM modules. In 2019, Samsung became the first ever company to win the award for an SSD product. These accolades are testimony to the excellence and originality of Samsung’s memory technology. Samsung Electronics’ Z-SSD, specialized for supercomputing with response speeds at least five times faster than existing high-performance 3-bit NVMe SSDs, not only simultaneously provides industry-best capacity and performance, but also massively reduces system power consumption through high power efficiency. Recognition in the category of Eco-Design & Sustainable Technologies is all the more meaningful as it is an acknowledgement of Samsung Electronics’ efforts to contribute to environmental protection through technological innovation. Illuminating the future: Samsung’s CES Innovation Award-winning LED offerings LEDs are light-emitting semiconductors and are often referred to as “the lighting of the future”. Samsung Electronics’ LED products were awarded for innovation in the “Tech for a better world” and Smart Home segments.
▲ 삼성전자의 LED 광원 패키지 ‘LM302S’
▲ 삼성전자의 LED 광원 패키지 ‘LM302S’

The “LM302S” LED package is a lighting platform for user-oriented lighting, helping to regulate the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm of the human body. The “LM302S” helps to improve concentration, enhance quality of sleep, and promotes secretion of serotonin - the happiness hormone - to optimize user biorhythms. Samsung Electronics’ original spectrum engineering technology was used to fine-tune essential lighting functions such as brightness and color temperature, as well as incorporate the biorhythm-regulating physiological benefits of natural light into the product. The LM302s received the CES Innovation Award in the “Tech for a better world” segment.
▲ 레이더 기반의 센서 모듈 ‘SSM-U 시리즈’
▲ 레이더 기반의 센서 모듈 ‘SSM-U 시리즈’

Highly sensitive sensors and high user convenience are crucial for smart lightning systems. Another Samsung Electronics winner of the CES Innovation Award in the Smart Home segment was the SSM-U” laser-based sensor module series, able to detect even the tiniest motion with unparalleled sensitivity. The “SSM-U series” detects motion and shares motion information with nearby devices, and devices that receive this data adjust the lighting accordingly. The sensor is so sensitive, in fact, that it can detect subtle movements outside even when installed inside lighting fixtures. This means that there are essentially no limitations on lighting fixture design. We’ve taken a quick glance at some of the Samsung Electronics DS Division’s CES Innovation Award winners. Samsung Electronics has long been a leader of world semiconductor technologies and an innovator of consumer lifestyles, and the 2019 CES event was yet another demonstration of what we do best.

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