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Samsung participates in GTI Summit 2018 to fuel 5G

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Photo of GTI 2018 participants on the GTI Summit 2018 stage
Photo of GTI 2018 participants on the GTI Summit 2018 stage
Under the theme “5G+AI, Fuel the Innovation”, GTI Summit 2018 was held successfully at Barcelona, Spain on February 27, 2018 during the Mobile World Congress, one of the largest event for the mobile industry. The summit brought the mobile operators, vendors, and partners together to discuss and outline the future of 5G ecosystem. At the summit, China Mobile’s Chairman Mr. Shang Bing revealed its plan to begin 5G scale-up trials in 5 cities and 5G application showcase in 12 cities in 2018 to speed up 5G end-to-end development. In addition, China Mobile kicked off a 5G Innovative Application Campaign, which provides an end-to-end 5G environment in 12 open labs, for 5G pre-commercial showcase in 2019. While Samsung’s Vice President Ben Hur was present at the summit to represent Samsung’s System LSI Business, Executive Vice President Duckhyun Chang expressed, via video, his gratitude for the opportunity to work closely with GTI, China Mobile and the partners in commercialization of 5G in China by 2020. Samsung is a key contributor of GTI 5G Forum as a member of "Pioneer Program" and have supported in putting together the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI)’s "5G Device Whitepaper " to define the technical requirements for 5G. And at the 21st GTI Workshop, held just few days before the summit (February 22-23) attended by representatives from the top operators and industrial partners, Samsung presented and discussed its findings on why LTE and NR single chip modem is desirable for resolving challenges in either NSA or SA network. With its leadership in modem technology, Samsung's System LSI Business is determined to collaborate closely with GTI, China Mobile and the partners in commercialization of 5G.

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