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Samsung Aims to Reveal Scalable, Next-gen Memory Solutions at the U.S. Flash Memory Summit

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Samsung Electronics will be attending the Flash Memory Summit 2022 (August 2nd~4th) held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the United States. The Flash Memory Summit is the world’s largest semiconductor event held annually in the United States where leading companies and experts discuss the future of memory technology. At the summit, Jin-Hyeok Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Memory Solution Product & Development at Samsung Electronics, will introduce next-generation memory solutions and customer support software technologies designed to meet the needs of an ever-growing, data-centric world. Choi’s keynote will be presented on August 2nd at 2:40 pm (local time). Get an early look at Samsung’s next-generation memory solutions and technologies and find out more about how Samsung plans to welcome the new era of big data at the Flash Memory Summit.

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