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Mission Peak Reference Server System for NGSFF SSD

Design Guidelines for NGSFF Server Development

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NGSFF SSD mounted on the server slot.
NGSFF SSD mounted on the server slot.

NGSFF is the state-of-the-art next generation SSD form factor invented by Samsung to meet requirements of data centers and enterprise servers. To develop a server system based on NGSFF SSD, server vendors are required to spend a significant amount of time to design thermal simulation and Si simulation. Server vendors also have to collaborate with socket vendors to develop an appropriate socket for their designed system. To show the superior features of NGSFF SSD for server systems, Samsung already designed and developed a NGSFF server system, called Mission Peak, and has provided a number of public and private demonstrations. Even though this Mission Peak server system was designed as a reference system, due to its excellent design, the Mission Peak design can be used for commercial level server production today. To help server system vendors who want to quickly develop NGSFF server systems as their commercial product, Samsung has published this white paper explaining the Mission Peak NGSFF reference server system. This document describes Mission Peak architecture, designs of each component in detail, thermal simulation and measurement in a real Mission Peak server system, as well as signal integrity simulation in order to help server system vendors to build NGSFF server system in a more time efficient manner.

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