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[CES 2023 Innovation Award] A Buffer-free Future for Video: Samsung’s LPDDR5X uMCP Delivers Custom Solution for the Video Content Era

Samsung Electronics takes home the CES 2023 Innovation Award for its high-capacity LPDDR5X uMCP – a universal flash storage based multichip package that’s revolutionizing how we watch and create high-res video.

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Samsung LPDDR5X uMCP
Samsung LPDDR5X uMCP
Today’s world is asking a lot from its smartphones. We demand high-resolution video streaming from everywhere, while improved cameras have turned consumers into video-content creators, driving data demands on our mobile devices to new heights. And those data burdens are only going to rise as new innovations in high-res image sensors and more powerful processors accelerate our thirst for seamless shooting and streaming. On top of that is a wave of innovation making consumption and communication both more connected, and more personalized, driving the amount of data processed by a single device even higher. By 2030, experts predict that a hyper-connected society will see tens of billions of devices become interconnected with one another. The explosion in data use is inevitable – and supporting that explosion will require advanced memory solutions that keep devices ahead of data demand. Giving High-res Video a Boost with LPDDR5X uMCP In preparation for these market changes, Samsung Electronics has developed LPDDR5X uMCP, a high-capacity multi-chip package equipped with 16GB of mobile DRAM and 1TB of NAND flash. A first for the industry, uMCP is a multi-chip package that combines DRAM and NAND flash into one, maximizing capacity beyond existing memory products by using 4th generation 10nm-class mobile DRAM and 7th generation QLC (Quadrature Level Cell) storage. * One of the forms of NAND flash memory, classified based on the data storage method, stores four bits of data per cell. A New Edge in Storage LPDDR5X mobile DRAM 16GB is built for high-speed data processing, and equipped with 4th generation 10nm class mobile DRAM – giving it an edge in high-performance and low-power usage, with about 1.2 times higher operating speeds compared to the previous generation LPDDR5, . In addition, high-capacity LPDDR5X is equipped with UFS 3.1 1TB, along with a 7th generation NAND flash QLC. It provides not only “Write Booster,” which supports the download of large-capacity data as fast as possible by increasing operating speeds, but also “Host Initiated Defragmentation,” which contributes to stable operation over time by optimizing data processing. Small Package, Big Possibility Manufactured in a small 11.5mm by 13mm package, LPDDR5X enables potential future innovations in technologies and designs and opens the door to increased battery capacity for smartphones, reduced device weight and improved space efficiency on a 150mm² PCB (Printed Circuit Board). That paves the way for better, leaner, faster mobile products across the board.
Samsung LPDDR5X uMCP is a multi-chip package that combines DRAM and NAND flash into one.
Samsung LPDDR5X uMCP is a multi-chip package that combines DRAM and NAND flash into one.
Staying Ahead of Data Demand LPDDR5X uMCP also opens up new possibilities for high-bandwidth and high-capacity technologies such as AI and 5G in flagship mobile devices and also some high-end and mid-end-class devices. Couple with the memory performance of LPDDR5X uMCP, users can experience those technologies in a more smooth and stable way, opening up better user experiences across a wider range of mobile devices. With new technologies in 4K and 6K high-resolution video, metaverse, AR/VR and AI on the rise, data demands will continue to grow – along with consumer expectations for lightning fast content whether we’re making it or consuming it. Samsung Electronics’ LPDDR5X uMCP is one of the core solutions that will ease the bottle neck on that data explosion, helping mobile device makers around the world not only keep up with growing demand, but go beyond it.

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