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Intern and working student

Student Opportunities
@Samsung Semiconductor Europe

At Samsung, our mission is to help you achieve the impossible.
We’re engineers. Innovators. Problem solvers. And we’re inspired by you.
Discover your opportunities and become part of our team as an intern or working student.

Samsung Interns

Kickstart your career now with an internship at Samsung Semiconductor Europe. You will work full-time as an integral part of the team and receive valuable insight into what working at a global industry leader is like. Join a generation of forward thinkers and gain meaningful experiences at our Europe headquarters in Munich.

Samsung Working Students

As a student, are you seeking opportunities to gain practical experience in the professional world? At Samsung Semiconductor Europe, you have the chance to gain unparalleled insights into our daily operations. By working up to 20 hours per week during the semester and up to 38 hours per week during breaks, you will have the opportunity to acquire new skills, learn from industry leaders, and gain valuable experiences. This will enable you to apply your theoretical knowledge and further develop your abilities.

Does this describe you?

Team player
Great communicator

Get a headstart on your career
and apply now.

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Students @Samsung Semiconductor Europe

  • "During my time as an intern at Samsung Semiconductor Europe, I was able to enhance my skills in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Now, as a young professional at Samsung, I am continuing to grow and make contributions to our company's ongoing innovation. The energy and passion of my colleagues from around the world drives me to succeed. At Samsung, new employees are encouraged to make their mark and have an impact from day one."

    Oliver Lantzke, Talent Management
  • “I am always proud to say that I’m a working student at Samsung Semiconductor Europe. From the very first day when I started as an intern, I’ve had a consistently positive, enriching experience that helped me to grow professionally. Being surrounded by so much international experience, I’m able to learn something new every single day. And of course, I really enjoy the work I do! It’s been incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to truly contribute.”

    Gabrielle Paz, Workplace Solutions
  • “After nearly 2 years as a working student at Samsung Semiconductor Europe, filled with many opportunities, challenges and lessons, one thing that stood out is the amazing people I had the chance to work with. I feel very grateful and it was a great pleasure for me to experience and work in such an inspiring and diverse environment.”

    Mai Do, Marketing Communications
  • “Being an HR intern at Samsung Semiconductor Europe was such an amazing experience. Not only did I get to learn more about the field I studied, but I also got to explore other areas and meet people from all different backgrounds and cultures. One of the best parts of the experience was that I even started learning Korean! But what truly made it special was the people I worked with. They were so open, kind, and supportive. They trusted me and helped me grow both professionally and personally.”

    Sofía Pless, Talent Management

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