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Women in tech:
career talk with
Quynh, Jiayi, Daniela

Dec, 2021

Three people gathered together from the back.

There are many paths to a career in technology. Quynh Anh Phan, Jiayi Long and Daniela Edreva share stories about their trajectory into the world of semiconductors.

In our latest Women in Tech series, they describe their career journeys and what attracted them to working in the technology sector. They also share their top tips such as how to kick-start a career and approach challenges within the tech industry.

Quynh aims to inspire other women to make the leap forward with their careers in tech, emphasizing that “starting out, it’s way more important to have the right attitude over certain skills. You can learn anything and everything. Just do your thing, make mistakes and learn from them. That’s how you develop the skills that are needed for your job.”

Jiayi explains “everything flowed naturally from my decision to study something related to physics in middle school. And I don’t feel extra pressure because I’m a woman — if you’re interested in forging your career in the tech industry, just give it a try.”

“For me personally, it’s extremely motivating to know that through my work I’m contributing to the success of the whole team. And even more so when I know that my efforts are being seen and appreciated.” Daniela said during her interview.

At Samsung Semiconductor Europe, we are proud to have a workplace that values diversity, inclusiveness, and equality. We are delighted to have our talented female colleagues, like Quynh, Jiayi and Daniela, who inspire us and help women embrace the semiconductor industry - check out the interview series of them.

  • Quynh Anh Phan
  • Daniela Edreva
  • Jiayi Long

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