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  • The Foudry Business:
    What we do

    Samsung Foundry retains deep expertise in manufacturing system semiconductors for customers. We aim to become a ‘Total Foundry’, not only drawing on our state-of-the-art process technologies to produce chips for global fabless clients but also providing solutions through our Library/PDK (Process Design Kit)/DM (Design Methodology)/Design Service infrastructure.
    Our processes and equipment are initially set up by our Semiconductor Lab and Production Technology Research Center (collectively, our R&D organization), respectively. Through technical consultation with the R&D organization, the Foundry Business then develops solutions to implement mass production using these processes and equipment as early as possible, allowing us to initiate production according to client needs.

  • The Growing Importance of the Foundry Market

    System semiconductors are an essential component of Quaternary Industrial Revolution technologies such as 5G, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing—just to name a few. Accelerated data speeds and increased data processing volume are spurring demand for highly efficient, high-performance system semiconductors. At the same time, diversification of applications means growing demand from fabless customers for semiconductors across a varied range of specs. In a nutshell, the foundry industry is a critical sector for future semiconductors, and demand from fabless clients looking for fabs to produce their system semiconductors is exploding. However, foundries involve investment of astronomical proportions as well as ultra-advanced technology and only a handful of the world’s many semiconductor companies are up to the task.

  • The Achievements of Samsung Foundry

    Through leadership in ultra-fine semiconductor processes, we stand at the vanguard of change. Having scaled down from 28nm processes in 2012 to 5nm in 2021, we are currently engaged in the development of 3nm GAA (Gate-All-Around) processes. Another area of emphasis is establishing a technology super-gap by accelerating setup of EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) processes for mass production.

  • Prospects for the Business

    The Samsung Electronics Foundry Business is recording 20%+ annual growth, with aggressive recent investment into construction of additional EUV lines for 5nm mass production. Our investments into process R&D and production line construction are aimed at becoming the world’s number one semiconductor foundry company by 2030, a goal we are well on our way to achieving. The Foundry Business offers abundant opportunities for development of individual capacities through technical business with a broad range of overseas clients.