Refined details.
Redefined colors.

Inspired by ISOCELL

Samsung’s ISOCELL HM3 brings pro-grade photo capabilities right to the smartphone.
Built for superior color reproduction and low-light performance,
the 108MP sensor is packed with cutting-edge pixel technologies to help you capture moments that matter.


One hundred
eight million

Details make quality. The ISOCELL HM3 combines 108 million pixels to create high-quality pictures with extremely refined detail. Its small, 0.8um-sized pixels are optimized to enhance the clarity of images. Measuring at 1/1.33”, which is akin to a large canvas in terms of image sensor size, the ISOCELL HM3 can absorb more light to help you take clear photos every time you hit the shutter button.
An image of ISOCELL HM3 108MP resolution mobile image sensor.


Capture wide
range of light

Create highly vibrant photos with less noise. Featuring Smart-ISO Pro, the ISOCELL HM3 is built to precisely capture different levels of brightness in the frame. It combines two images, one highlighting bright areas and another bringing out the details in dark areas. Coupled with low-noise mode, the sensor lets you take bright and clear images with reduced noise even in low-light environment.
An illustrative image of HM3, which has advantages of high dynamic range and less noise.

12-Bit Color Depth

Vibrant pictures bursting with color

Express more colors in every shot. The ISOCELL HM3 supports 12-bit color depth, bringing color reproduction in mobile photography to the next level. It can express over 68 billion colors, which means 64 times more colors than 10-bit color depth.
An illustrative image of RGB histogram on a mobile phone.


Bright and clear,
day or night

Shoot with confidence no matter the time of day. The ISOCELL HM3 virtually transforms pixel patterns depending on the amount of light available. In bright conditions, the sensor maximizes details with its enhanced remosaic algorithm, resulting in vivid 108MP photos. In low-lit environments, it combines nine pixels together to absorb more light and create bright 12MP images.
An illustrative image of the HM3 connected to the chips inside the smartphone and written as 'Nonapixel' at the top.
An illustrative image of HM3 pixel. An illustrative image of HM3 pixel applied in dark environment. An illustrative image of HM3 pixel. An illustrative image of HM3 pixel applied in bright environment.
An image of 0.8um pixel size applied in bright environment. An image of 2.4um pixel size applied in dark environment.

Super-PD Plus

Focus in on the action

Never miss the action with faster autofocus.
Utilizing AF-optimized micro-lenses, Super-PD Plus accelerates the AF speed even in low-light settings while boosting its accuracy. The technology gives you the ability to take blur-free photos of fast-moving objects in the blink of an eye.
A photo image of a man on a power pole raising his arms and legs.

Video Recording

Epic videos in 8K

With 8K and 4K video recording support, the ISOCELL HM3 empowers you to turn everyday scenes into stunning videos. 8K video recordings at 30fps are optimized to enhance and bring out every detail in the frame. When recording in 4K, the sensor shoots at an incredible 120fps so that you can create slow motion video.
A photo of a mobile phone showing a picture of a woman running to the beach and '8k' written on the black background behind the phone.


  • Effective Resolution
    12,000x9,000 (108M)
  • Pixel Size
  • Optical Format
  • Color Filter
    Nonapixel RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Normal Frame Rate
    Up to 10fps @full 108Mp,
    90fps @12Mp
  • Video Frame Rate
    30fps @8K, 120fps @4K, 240fps @FHD
  • Shutter Type
    Electronic rolling shutter
    and global reset
  • ADC Accuracy
  • Supply Voltage
    2.8V for analog, 1.8V for I/O,
    and 1.05 V for digital core supply
  • Operating Temperature
    -20℃ to +85℃
  • Interface
    4 lanes (6.5Gbps per lane) D-PHY /
    3 lanes (3.5Gsps per lane) C-PHY
  • Chroma
  • Auto Focus
    Super-PD Plus (PDAF)
  • WDR
    Smart-ISO Pro (iDCG),
    Staggered HDR
  • Output Formats
    RAW8 (using DPCM/PCM compression),
    RAW10 and RAW12 output formats
  • Analog Gain
    x16 (in full 108MP mode and iDCG 12MP mode) and x48 (in other modes)
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