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An illustrative image of EUV lithography technology.

Breakthrough in
memory technology

With the advancement of memory-based technology in our data-immersed world, there is a need for higher performance in smaller sizes. Samsung has implemented EUV advanced processing to overcome the limitations of DRAM scaling in advance and lead the next generation of memory manufacturing.

the frontiers
of technology

Samsung is the first in the industry to successfully apply EUV processing to DRAM production through manufacturing knowhow, and has been mass-producing specific EUV-applied products.

EUV, Advanced Processing Technology.

powerful in compact sizes

The EUV advanced processing technology utilizes a precise wavelength of 13.5nm compared to the previous 193nm. This allows the memory to store more capacity within the same area and size to meet increasing demands for high capacity memory in the future.

A comparison image of 193nm DUV and 13.5nm EUV.

DUV wavelength

193 nm

EUV wavelength

13.5 nm

Enhanced processing
and productivity

Through new processing technology, single patterning enhances precision and shortens processing compared to multi-patterning that is based on a longer wavelength. This notably increases production efficiency on the wafer compared to previous processing technology.

A comparison image of Step-by-step Multi patterning and Seamless-one-step Single patterning.


Multi patterning


Single patterning

Quality you can trust

Samsung secured credibility by preventing defects through manufacturing knowhow based on the EUV logic process and improved quality early on by progressively implementing EUV advanced technology.
The production
of EUV applied DRAM products have gained worldwide customer trust and recognition for both quality and technology.

An illustrative image of a person holding a wafer.

A big leap for the future

Through industry-leading processing technology that led way to a new line of DRAM products, Samsung shifts the paradigm of the DRAM industry.
This relentless innovation paved the path for the next generation of memory products.

An illustrative image of DRAM mounted on board.
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