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Jobs in engineering

Help drive growth and innovation in
hyperscale data centers,
automotive, IoT,
mobile, and consumer electronics.

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Systems software engineer

Contribute to memory and storage system research in the Memory Solutions Lab. Join the team researching and developing innovative memory and storage system solutions that utilize existing and emerging technologies.

Embedded software engineer

Work with experimental hardware, enhance systems software and applications to optimize the end-to-end architecture benefiting millions of users. Join the team that works on complex solutions to that address some of the world’s most complex technological challenges.

Cellular modem systems engineer

Develop cellular modem chipsets and global navigation receivers for a future generation of mobile devices. Join the team that focuses on research and development in wireless communications and multimedia processing.

Materials scientist

Develop GPU-based micromagnetic code and pre/post-processing routines for automatic run preparation and analysis. Join the team of scientists and engineers developing advanced materials and devices enabling memory technology to achieve widespread commercial adoption.

Research scientist

Develop atomistic/quantum models for semiconductor device/process simulations. Join the team that focuses on the development of Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) models and simulation software for deploying advanced manufacturing processes for semiconductor devices and materials.

Hardware engineer

Push the limits of hardware accelerator capabilities for vision and speech. Join the team working on the next generation architecture for the neural processor unit, to be used in handsets, ADAS, and mobile devices.

Software engineer

Join the team that is responsible for creating cutting-edge technologies that can significantly enhance the ability of smart mobile machines to safely and efficiently understand and navigate complex real-world environments.

Firmware engineer

Our core development focus is the host interface firmware layer that sits at the intersection of system software and flash management firmware.

Machine learning engineer

Our core development focus is the host interface firmware layer that sits at the intersection of system software and flash management firmware.Solve a vast array of ML and AI problems. Join the teams that build new data models and algorithms from sensor data and that develop hardware and software IP for acceleration for a variety of neural network applications.

UI/UX engineer

The Samsung ID8 Innovation Lab in SSIC is a cross-disciplinary team focused on the future vision for Internet of Things (IoT). The lab designs IoT products and services that impact customers’ lives and have the potential to become viable business initiatives.