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Who we are

Samsung Austin Research and Development Center (SARC) and Advanced Computing Lab (ACL), are divisions of Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC. At SARC/ACL we are building a center of excellence for Intellectual Property (IP) that is applied to high-performance computing devices (premium mobile, automotive) consumed by millions of people around the world.

Our mission is to drive Samsung GPU technology into graphics, gaming, and parallel computing.

SARC/ACL offers an innovative environment focusing on collaboration and growth to scale quickly, with the financial backing of a well-established company. Here you are part of a diverse global task force with cross-functional scope. You will experience multiple aspects of the development cycle and see your work in an end-user product. Learning always happens, and you are encouraged to think outside the box to turn ideas into reality.

As the first to introduce Ray Tracing in the mobile platform, our GPU technology development focuses on bringing console features to mobile. Driven by anticipating use cases, we design for easy derivatives with scalable design, software compatibility, and generational PPA uplift.

System IP is the heart of the System-on-Chip (SoC) that connects all the critical IP to memory. We’re building system modeling capability based on optimization and use-case-driven analysis (gaming, computational photography) that enables a world-class memory sub-system. With scalability at the frontier of our design focus, our competitive IP solution aims to address multiple market segments.

Our automotive platform offers solutions for infotainment, ADAS, and in-cabin. Our focus areas include System/SoC level architecture development, scalability, dataflow analysis, functional safety analysis, sensor suite integration analysis, and customer enablement.

We have three R&D centers based out of Austin, TX (SARC), San Jose, CA (ACL), and San Diego, CA (SARC/ACL). Our highly collaborative culture enables us to innovate in a hybrid environment.

2010 - Recent Our innovation journey
  1. 2010

    SARC was founded in Austin, TX.

  2. 2012

    Architecture and development of Smartphone CPU and System IP.

  3. 2015

    First silicon on Premium Smartphone CPU and System IP with Samsung proprietary architecture.

  4. 2016

    Galaxy S7 production shipments with SARC CPU and System IP.

  5. 2017

    SARC merged with ACL in San Jose, CA. Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20 production shipments with SARC CPU and System IP.

  6. 2019

    SARC/ACL partners with AMD to develop mobile GPU IP.

  7. 2020

    1st time Samsung ranked Forbes’ #1 World’s Best Employers.

  8. 2021

    2nd time Samsung ranked Forbes’ #1 World’s Best Employers. First manufactured SoC containing SARC premium smartphone GPU.

  9. 2022

    3rd time Samsung ranked Forbes’ #1 World’s Best Employers. Galaxy Ultra S22 production shipments with SARC GPU and System IP.

  10. 2023

    4th time Samsung ranked Forbes’ #1 World’s Best Employers. SARC/ACL expands to San Diego, CA and starts moving into adjacent markets including automotive.

Employee perspectives
  • “One of the most important and satisfying components of my job is a chance to meet so many talented people with diverse backgrounds coming together to work towards a common goal. Technology is our focus, but what makes that technology happen is the people and talent behind it.”

    – Benny Katibian,
    Senior Vice President, SARC/ACL

  • “Samsung SARC/ACL is a great workplace if you are passionate about learning. It’s a very collaborative and bias-free workplace. Your thoughts and ideas are valued and recognized by people from any team you work with. The amiable environment and different learning resources allow you to learn, grow, and achieve both your career and your company’s goals. Personally, this sets SARC/ACL apart from other companies that I’ve been at.”

    – Sudha Nagaraj,
    Senior Staff Engineer, GPU Design Verification

  • “During my internship, everyone here was incredibly supportive and helpful. It felt like I was part of the team from day one. I got to contribute to live projects and was allowed to take on more challenging responsibilities and grow in my role. It felt like working in a place where I could make a real difference.”

    – Darsh Patadia,
    Linux Automation Engineer

  • “We work on many technically challenging and interesting projects focusing on leading-edge technologies with a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers. Yet you feel like you work with friends. This is the place to learn while solving problems by talking to others in a group where ideas are exchanged freely, creating new exciting products. You can grow professionally while having fun!”

    – Lucie Nechanicka,
    Senior Staff Engineer, Design Implementation

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Our workplace culture

Innovate. Collaborate. Grow.

Explore more of our culture in action on LinkedIn: #WeAreSarcAcl
Perks and benefits

Our employees are one of our most valuable assets, which is why our total reward package goes beyond traditional compensation and benefit plans. We offer a competitive and flexible package designed to help you make the most of your life at work and home—today and in the future. Here are some of the highlights of what our package entails.

  • Competitive compensation

    Our program is an investment in your talent. It is market-competitive, aligns with Samsung's core values, and drives results. The three key elements of our total cash compensation (base salary, bonus, and potential long-term incentive plan) are designed to reward your contribution now and in the future.

  • Comprehensive healthcare

    We take wellness to heart and strive to keep our teams happy and healthy in all they do, now and in the future. Our medical, dental, and vision benefits and employee assistance program packages are designed to keep you healthy and happy—enabling you to be your best self, in and outside of work.

  • Financial wellness

    We offer an array of financial benefits to help you plan soundly, now and for the future. Some of these benefits include 401(k) with employer match, flexible spending accounts, and life insurance.

  • Work-life success

    We offer a generous PTO policy for regular, full-time employees, starting at 20 vacation days in your first year and increasing with tenure in addition to 11 company holidays. We also offer many options for leaves and back-up care to support you as you care for others. Our hybrid culture enables our teams to collaborate in person three days a week and innovate flexibly from home the other two days.

  • Team bonding

    We work hard and play hard. Monthly happy hours, intermural events (pickleball, running club, basketball), family picnics, and SARC-tober fest are a few of our favorites.

  • Volunteering and giving

    Our program offers three ways you can give back with volunteer time off, locally organized events, and our employee giving campaign provides an opportunity for employees to make a charitable give to any nonprofit organization of their choice with a 100% company match up to $1,000 per calendar year.

  • Onsite amenities

    When you’re on-site, we’re committed to providing you with a healthy and thriving environment so you can perform your best. Here are some of the onsite amenities that you’ll have access to free onsite lunch, fitness center, free and confidential counselors, health support, and de-stress activities.

  • Recognition

    Employees are recognized and rewarded for going above & beyond through the many programs at Samsung. Recognizing years of service and exceptional efforts from our peers continue to make us a great place to work! In addition, Samsung encourages and rewards employees for patent filings.

Ready to experience life at SARC/ACL? Explore our current career opportunities today

and come build with us.
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