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To strengthen the competitiveness of the semiconductor ecosystem, we lead shared growth with our partner companies.
Innovation achieved through the power of the semiconductor ecosystem, not just power of one company

The semiconductor industry is an ultra-precision technology-intensive sector measured in nanometers, and it cannot be completed solely through the technology and capabilities of a single company. As eight processes are required to produce one semiconductor chip, collaboration with numerous companies is required to purchase and maintain materials, parts, equipment for each process. Therefore, competition arises between ecosystems rather than between companies. Semiconductor technology has continuously been refined and is now at its limit. For the domestic semiconductor ecosystem to gain competitiveness, it requires futuristic technology design and process innovation that can exceed the limit. At the same time, innovation is required within MPE (materials/ parts/ equipment) companies, not only in design and processes. Through the shared growth between Samsung Semiconductor and MPE companies, the domestic semiconductor ecosystem can truly be strengthened and innovation in semiconductor design and processes can be achieved. Therefore, Samsung Semiconductor is actively engaged in various technology support activities to strengthen the domestic semiconductor ecosystem and deliver benefits to everyone through sustainable semiconductor technology.

Semiconductor innovation that can be achieved when everyone grows together
Samsung Semiconductor will lead the way on

this journey

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