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Taylor ISD students hit the ground running for summer internship

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Instead of mowing lawns or flipping burgers this summer, 22 Taylor Independent School District students are getting the chance to work and learn at our advanced semiconductor manufacturing plant. Samsung Austin Semiconductor's first-ever high school interns walked through our doors on June 13. The six-week paid internship will give students the chance to work on different projects within their field of interest. The interns from both Taylor High and Legacy Early College are assigned to various departments throughout the company, such as Manufacturing Systems, Infrastructure Technology, Construction, Automation Engineering, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Hardware Innovation, Legal, Government Relations and Communication and Community Affairs. Matthew Aplin, a recent Taylor High graduate who is majoring in Geography at Texas A&M in the fall, believes his internship with our Infrastructure Technology team will help him in his budding career. "I'm excited to be here at Samsung Austin Semiconductor because all of the new job experiences it's going to bring," Aplin said. "I'll be able to learn, meet a lot of people and maybe get a job in the future." Joining Aplin on the same team is Luke Schneider, who will be focused on Civil Construction Management. "I want to get into the business aspect, so I'm experiencing how to build stuff the right way and how it's done," Schneider explained. Automation Engineering intern Robert Flores of Legacy Early College wants to gain knowledge about the industry. "I want to learn new stuff and how everything works at a big company," Flores said. With Samsung as their new neighbor in Taylor, many of the students realize the potential the plant will bring to their hometown. "I've been in Taylor my whole life and this has never happened," Infrastructure Technology intern William Curtis said. "There will be great opportunity for people to come to Taylor and for the people who live in Taylor." "The new plant will not only bring economic growth for Taylor, but the surrounding communities," Schneider added. "Bringing in new retail, new roads and good investments." The Taylor ISD internships are part of a partnership agreement with the school district, city and county.