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[Webinar] Memory-Semantic SSD™: Samsung’s CXL-based SSD for the Memory-Centric Computing Era

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Modern enterprise and data-center workloads are all hitting the memory wall—both bandwidth and capacity walls. This has led to new memory-centric computing architectures and an industry-wide adoption of the new Compute Express Link (CXL) standard to overcome the memory capacity wall problem. This is accomplished by providing memory expansion over the PCIe physical interface via low latency cache-coherent communication protocols. To learn more, join watch Rekha Pitchumani, Senior Manager, Memory Solutions Lab, in this recorded webinar as she does a deep dive into the CXL-based Memory-Semantic SSD™, one of Samsung’s recent memory innovations. This innovation is designed to overcome the memory capacity wall using a high-performance SSD architecture with a fine-grained cache-line granular memory access interface.

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